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Best Air Conditioner Brands of 2020

Air Conditioners are a very important innovation, especially for hot and humid areas. They assist the customer in cooling the temperature of any space or room. In recent times, there have been a lot of variations in the Air Conditioners that we use daily, depending on the evolving needs of the market. From ACs in every room to centralized ACs for the whole house, to even in ACs that are best for individual usage. Want to know what are the different brands of air conditioners? Below we have provided the top best air conditioner brands along with its most popular products.

Top 5 AC Brands in World

Which brand of air conditioner is the best? There are many best AC brands in the market. But all won’t satisfy the needs of every customer. Some top air conditioner brands that suits for almost all consumers are presented below.

American Standard

This is one of the most popular ACs in the market, with a wide variety of prices to offer to the users. The company believes in manufacturing Energy-efficient models and known for its warranty schemes. It usually offers centralized air conditioning systems and the charges including installation can go up to $2000. Some of their best products are Accucomfort 20 Air Conditioner, silver 14 Air Conditioner, and Forefront platinum TAM7.


Carrier Air Conditioners known as the top air conditioning brand for a good reason. This brand offers a wide variety of variants and a customer bound to find the perfect fit for their housing needs. Usually, the installation charges can go up to $4000, but it is worth it. Carrier offers up to 21 SEER installations which are the highest in the industry. The best of their products are Superia Xtreme, Emperia NXI, and Durafresh NXI.


The most catching feature of this brand is its lower price yet excellent reliability. You can install a Goodman AC unit in which 14 SEER will wind up to $3000. The company builds good quality products with a solid design and doesn’t receive many repair calls and offers some of the best warranty programs. They have top-notch Air Conditioners like GSXC18, GSXC16, and GSX14, all having 4.8 ratings. It is well known as one of the best central air conditioner brands.


These Air Conditioners are known for their energy efficiency and great warranty programs. They are also very good with their customer service calls. Even though customers might have to pay slightly higher amounts, they do get a premium quality service and the brand itself is considered as a premium one. Some of their best-rated products are XV20i, XR14, and XV18 models. 


Ruud ACs are a high value yet low-cost brand in the market. They offer a variety of heating as well as cooling products to their customers. A 16 SEER Ruud AC would cost around $3500 or more for installation. Most users have said that their systems are fairly long-lasting and hassle-free. Since they have parts all over the US, their repair and warranty program’s time efficiency is very good. Some very good products from this firm are their Ultra Series UA20 model, Achiever series RA17, and Achiever plus series UA20 model.


While Air Conditioners are a widely used appliance and can be seen in almost all households, there is a fairly huge market for the same. A lot of brands coexist in the industry and offer their customers the best of their services. Each brand has its unique selling point to offer thus creating a good customer base for them. Check the best air conditioner brands above, to make the best choice for your home.

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Best Electric Scooter Brands for Adults & Kids

Electric Scooters are one of the top-selling products in the biggest cities in the world these days. Electric Scooters provide easy & cheaper transportation without the safety issue that public transports causes. They are energy efficient, do not cause any emissions, and are very beneficial for the environment. Many governments are working on projects to introduce public Electric Bikes or Scooters that anyone can use with minimal or no fee. Now let us see the best electric scooter brands for adults and kids.

Popular and Best E Scooter Brands in the Market

For adults or kids, there is always a trend for these electric scooters. Before choosing one, you need to know what are the best e-scooter brands. Among many factors, brand is also important to consider. We reviewed some of the best electric bike brands below and also listed top 3 electric scooters from each brand. So, check and pick the best e-bike brand that fits your requirement.


Lime is one of the top Electric Scooter brands in the market right now. Governments in the UK and the US have offered to bring their Electric Scooters to their citizens, which says something about the brand itself. Lime’s downloadable app assists the users in checking the status of any Lime scooter around them. Some of the top Lime Electric Scooters are, Lime S Gen3, Lime S Segway, and Lime S Electric Scooter. 


Bird is the most popular electric scooter brands in USA. There are wide variety of e-scooters they offer for both adults and kids. Their mission is to reduce the traffic, cars usage, carbon emission in cities and make the places more livable. A few best electric scooters from Bird are, Bird Zero, Bird Cruiser, and Bird Two electric scooter.


This company specializes in building Electric Scooters for public use. They have an app that allows you to leave and pick up any Electric Scooter from their brand using their app. You can click the green button on the app, and the scooter will navigate you to your destination. It offers some of the best products which are Bolt one, Bolt chariot, Bolt bike.


HelbizGO offers dockless and easy transportation via its Electric Scooters. You rent a Helbiz using their online platform, and once used, you can leave them on any curbside. Their motto is very simple, ‘browse, scan, ride, leave.’ Helbiz offers an environment-friendly version of transportation to its users. Some of their promising products are the HelbizGo series 1 and HelbizBike.


Gogoro, as one of the best e-bike brands, is looking to reinvent the urban transportation system. They are working towards building scooters that assist cleaner toxicant free cities. They offer a smarter scooter with a smart sharing app. This brand has also been named as one of the coolest gadgets produced in 2016. The best products from this brand are the Gogoro 2, Gogoro S category, and Gogoro 3 plus.


This company focuses mostly on assisting users with short rides to and from places with the help of her Electric Scooters. Their newest generation scooters are built to offer safety, durability, and reliability. The design for their Electric Scooters is compact but still powerful enough to give you a safe and quick ride around the block. It even comes with 10-inch tubeless safety tires. It has an aluminum frame. The company’s best products are Beam Generation 3, Beam Generation 2, and Beam’s gen 1 model.


An Electric Scooter is rapidly becoming the best mode of transport for individual users who want to travel short distances. They have also become popular due to their high energy efficiency and eco-friendly behavior. Some of these scooters offer a compact display screen to the rider, making managing the scooter very easy and hassle free. Hope the above listed best electric scooter brands helped you in the process of buying one.

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Top Ceiling Fan Brands

Ceiling fans have been around for over a century now, assisting people on hot summer days and humid days. It had been doing the cooling work since ACs were invented. A lot of houses to this date have ceiling fans only, and only some use ACs for cooling. Different brands have different variants in ceiling fans, and some even offer higher numbers of rotating blades that facilitate better ventilation inside a room or space.

Unlike ACs, fans do not decrease the temperature inside a room, but they move the air around to assist with airflow and better ventilation. The ceiling fans seem to have originated from the punkah system in India that has been around since 500 BC. However, the first mechanical ceiling fans came to be by the 1860s in the US. Let us see which brand of fan is best. Below we have reviewed about some Top rated and best ceiling fan brands in USA to make your selection easy.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands for your Home or Yard

What are the best brands of ceiling fans? As there are several brands in the market, it might be difficult to choose the best ceiling fan manufacturer. We made your work easier with the list of best fan brands and top 3 ceiling fans of each brand. So, refer that ceiling fan brand name list and get the right one.

Harbor Breeze

Harbor Breeze stood in first place as one of the good ceiling fan brands. The firm has been a renowned brand for the ceiling fans and has been serving the customers for quite a while now. Their ceiling fans come in a wide variety and with multiple rotary blades. They also care for their customer’s tastes by offering multiple designs, styles, and patterns in their ceiling fans. They claim to offer a powerful motor in their fans that facilitates a strong air movement inside the room. Some of these fans come with LED lights in the center that allow you to enjoy the ambiance of dimly lit rooms when you don’t want much light. 

  • Harbor Breeze Armitage 42-In Flush Mount Ceiling Fan
  • Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-In Ceiling Fan
  • Finally, Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52-In Ceiling Fan


Fanimation is especially known for offering its customers with some of the oldest and newest designs that the industry has seen. They have been in business since the 1980s. Fanimation has a variety of fans like the punkah, palmetto, and belt-driven fans that are bourbon street style. They have been a leading brand and are especially well known for its creative, innovative, and attractive ceiling fans. This brand’s growth has been quite amazing over the past years; it has accumulated over 31 custom designs to its name and continues to build more and better. 

  • Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Fanim Industries LP8350LAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan
  • Top 3 is, Fanimation FPS7981BN Embrace Ceiling Fan with Light


This brand has slowly gained the name of being the manufacturers of the world’s best ceiling fans. A stand out point about this company is that they have a separate design team that focuses solely on building beautiful, comfortable, and suitable designs for all kinds of rooms, spaces, or venues. Casablanca never follows the flow; instead, it believes in setting the trends and thus focuses on exploring and innovating. Their design team consists of people from Paris fashion backgrounds who have beautiful taste in terms of interiors. 

  • Casablanca 59022 Isotope Ceiling Fan
  • Casablanca 54103 Ceiling Fan
  • 59285 Casablanca Wisp 52 Bronze Ceiling Fan


Emerson is well known as well as an old brand in the fan motors industry. It was founded in 1895 in a small workshop where the manufacturing of small desk fans started. It slowly spread into larger fans and gradually spread its wings into ceiling fans as well. While innovation had always been the core belief of the brand, pushing it to survive for more than 100 years in the volatile markets, it also holds its touch to its roots. 

  • Emerson Tilo CF130WW Ceiling Fan
  • HF1160BS Emerson Industrial Ceiling Fan
  • Emerson Curva Sky 44 Ceiling Fan CF144WW


Hunter fans first came into the markets in 1886 and have owned it since. Their secret lies in the simple process of curating a perfect ceiling fan for every customer, rather than just assembling some parts and calling it a generic fan. Hunter fans cost more to build because, unlike most others, they are not built on high-speed assembly lines, but ‘quality paced’ assembly lines with better technologies. The company incorporates a stronger and bigger motor into its fans for a smooth and maintenance-free experience. This motor is one of a kind in terms of size as it is one of the largest in the whole industry. The company confidently says that ‘when you are buying a hunter, you’re buying the best’, which comes from years of experience.

  • Best Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Hunter Cassius 52 inch 59264
  • Hunter 53237 Ceiling Fan with Lights
  • Hunter Sea Wind 53118 Low Profile Ceiling Fan

There are many ceiling fan brands that start with H, among those Hunter, Harbor Breeze and Hamilton Beach are the best ceiling fans brands you can go for.


Ceiling fans have been in the markets for over 100 years and are still being used in almost every place we go to. It is safe to say that the market for them has only grown over the years. Many Brands have been in this industry from the start, and some have even entered as late as a couple of decades ago. Yet, each brand has accumulated some kind of customer base because they have some unique selling point about themselves. Above are the best Ceiling Fan brands guide and products of each brand. Check out and pick the perfect one for your indoor or outdoor.

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Popular Ice Maker Machine Brands

Ice makers are not a very uncommon sight in most commercial and sometimes even non-commercial places these days. A lot of people or rather builders have started to offer refrigerators that come with pre-installed ice makers. Some households have separate compartments with ice makers as well. This facility has become so popular because it curbs the need for the user to refill ice trays if they want ice constantly. Users have to specifically remember to refill their ice trays way beforehand so that they have access to ice, hours later, and if in case they fall short of ice while using, then there are no further options for them. Now let’s see the best ice maker brands list in the market.

Best Ice Maker Brands on the Market

What is the best brand of ice maker? Some of the leading and best ice machine brands are listed below. Check out and choose the right one that suits your requirement.


Scotsman-ice website offers icemakers depending on the type of your need, like a commercial in the US or international or even for residential usage. They have ice makers that offer three types of ices like the traditional cubes, the smaller flakes, and even the chewable nugget sized ice. Some of their variants are even touched free, meaning you need not scoop out the ice with your hands. Other variants offer a perfect under the counter design that will fit under your kitchen cabinets very smoothly. Their ice makers, by default settings, give big cubes. Some best Scotsman ice cube makers are,

  • Scotsman CU0715MA Essential Series Ice Maker
  • Scotsman CU1526MW Prodigy Self-Contained Under-counter Ice Machine
  • Top 3 is, Scotsman C0330SA-1 Prodigy Plus Ice Maker


Frigidaire usually offers a countertop kind of ice maker facility. The machine is relatively compact and small and can only be used for smaller occasions or usages. Most of its ice maker variants offer a large see-through window on the top to know when it is done. It gives ice in less than six minutes according to the brand itself. Their machines use compressor cooling to make ice, which can be used by the customer, and it is also relatively lightweight. While they produce a wide variety of ice makers, some of their most popular models are the compact ones that can be used commercially and residentially. 

  • Frigidaire EFIC108-SILVER Counter top ice maker
  • Portable Frigidaire EFIC102 Ice Maker
  • Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Counter Top Ice Maker


Vremi is one of the famous brands in ice maker industry. It attracts a lot of users because of its compact and noiseless service. Most of their variants can produce ice within eight to ten minutes. They usually build countertop models only. One attractive feature about the Vremi ice makers is its various intelligent features that assist the user in some basic tasks automatically. The company also focuses on the energy aspect of their ice makers, and thus most of their medals are quite energy-efficient. The ice makers weigh around 20 pounds, which is relatively lightweight compared with other ice makers in the industry. 

  • Vremi Countertop Ice Maker VRM010636N 26 lbs
  • Vremi Commercial Grade Freestanding Ice Maker – 100 Pounds

Magic Chef

This is the best ice cube maker brand for offering an overall good performance in all aspects of the machine. They usually offer portable ice-making machines. Magic Chef claim that their ice makers are perfect for all occasions and offer the best and quickest way to make large quantities of ice. They focus more on residential ice makers, and thus their machines are designed to fit on a kitchen countertop or patio table easily. The brand offers a multitude of colors and patterns amongst its machines, and they can produce about 20 to 40 pounds of ice per day. 

  • Magic Chef 27 Lbs Portable Countertop Ice Maker
  • Magic Chef MCIM22B Ice Maker


This best ice maker brand, hOmelabs is well known for its countertop ice makers. It does have a huge variety in the types of machines, but the most popular one is its countertop ice cube maker. It is relatively affordable and costs only up to a couple of hundred dollars. One maybe can bag a good deal on their ice makers if they are having a sale. It boasts a quick generation of ice and a noiseless service for its users. The company has also taken care of energy conservation and claims that the product is energy efficient. Their ice cube maker offers a smart design, accommodated with a basket and a scooper. 

  • hOmeLabs 26 lbs Portable Ice Maker


Ice makers have readily become an important part of households, restaurant chains, and other commercial settings as well. While several brands are offering the machine, it isn’t easy to choose which is the best for us among all those ice machines brands. It usually depends on a customer’s needs and focuses on which brand will suffice for them. We have mentioned some of the best ice maker brands that cover all of a user’s necessities.