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Best Air Conditioner Brands of 2020

Air Conditioners are a very important innovation, especially for hot and humid areas. They assist the customer in cooling the temperature of any space or room. In recent times, there have been a lot of variations in the Air Conditioners that we use daily, depending on the evolving needs of the market. From ACs in every room to centralized ACs for the whole house, to even in ACs that are best for individual usage. Want to know what are the different brands of air conditioners? Below we have provided the top best air conditioner brands along with its most popular products.

Top 5 AC Brands in World

Which brand of air conditioner is the best? There are many best AC brands in the market. But all won’t satisfy the needs of every customer. Some top air conditioner brands that suits for almost all consumers are presented below.

American Standard

This is one of the most popular ACs in the market, with a wide variety of prices to offer to the users. The company believes in manufacturing Energy-efficient models and known for its warranty schemes. It usually offers centralized air conditioning systems and the charges including installation can go up to $2000. Some of their best products are Accucomfort 20 Air Conditioner, silver 14 Air Conditioner, and Forefront platinum TAM7.


Carrier Air Conditioners known as the top air conditioning brand for a good reason. This brand offers a wide variety of variants and a customer bound to find the perfect fit for their housing needs. Usually, the installation charges can go up to $4000, but it is worth it. Carrier offers up to 21 SEER installations which are the highest in the industry. The best of their products are Superia Xtreme, Emperia NXI, and Durafresh NXI.


The most catching feature of this brand is its lower price yet excellent reliability. You can install a Goodman AC unit in which 14 SEER will wind up to $3000. The company builds good quality products with a solid design and doesn’t receive many repair calls and offers some of the best warranty programs. They have top-notch Air Conditioners like GSXC18, GSXC16, and GSX14, all having 4.8 ratings. It is well known as one of the best central air conditioner brands.


These Air Conditioners are known for their energy efficiency and great warranty programs. They are also very good with their customer service calls. Even though customers might have to pay slightly higher amounts, they do get a premium quality service and the brand itself is considered as a premium one. Some of their best-rated products are XV20i, XR14, and XV18 models. 


Ruud ACs are a high value yet low-cost brand in the market. They offer a variety of heating as well as cooling products to their customers. A 16 SEER Ruud AC would cost around $3500 or more for installation. Most users have said that their systems are fairly long-lasting and hassle-free. Since they have parts all over the US, their repair and warranty program’s time efficiency is very good. Some very good products from this firm are their Ultra Series UA20 model, Achiever series RA17, and Achiever plus series UA20 model.


While Air Conditioners are a widely used appliance and can be seen in almost all households, there is a fairly huge market for the same. A lot of brands coexist in the industry and offer their customers the best of their services. Each brand has its unique selling point to offer thus creating a good customer base for them. Check the best air conditioner brands above, to make the best choice for your home.

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