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Top Ceiling Fan Brands

Ceiling fans have been around for over a century now, assisting people on hot summer days and humid days. It had been doing the cooling work since ACs were invented. A lot of houses to this date have ceiling fans only, and only some use ACs for cooling. Different brands have different variants in ceiling fans, and some even offer higher numbers of rotating blades that facilitate better ventilation inside a room or space.

Unlike ACs, fans do not decrease the temperature inside a room, but they move the air around to assist with airflow and better ventilation. The ceiling fans seem to have originated from the punkah system in India that has been around since 500 BC. However, the first mechanical ceiling fans came to be by the 1860s in the US. Let us see which brand of fan is best. Below we have reviewed about some Top rated and best ceiling fan brands in USA to make your selection easy.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands for your Home or Yard

What are the best brands of ceiling fans? As there are several brands in the market, it might be difficult to choose the best ceiling fan manufacturer. We made your work easier with the list of best fan brands and top 3 ceiling fans of each brand. So, refer that ceiling fan brand name list and get the right one.

Harbor Breeze

Harbor Breeze stood in first place as one of the good ceiling fan brands. The firm has been a renowned brand for the ceiling fans and has been serving the customers for quite a while now. Their ceiling fans come in a wide variety and with multiple rotary blades. They also care for their customer’s tastes by offering multiple designs, styles, and patterns in their ceiling fans. They claim to offer a powerful motor in their fans that facilitates a strong air movement inside the room. Some of these fans come with LED lights in the center that allow you to enjoy the ambiance of dimly lit rooms when you don’t want much light.┬áCheck the below top 3 fans and choose the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

  • Harbor Breeze Armitage 42-In Flush Mount Ceiling Fan
  • Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-In Ceiling Fan
  • Finally, Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52-In Ceiling Fan


Fanimation is especially known for offering its customers with some of the oldest and newest designs that the industry has seen. They have been in business since the 1980s. Fanimation has a variety of fans like the punkah, palmetto, and belt-driven fans that are bourbon street style. They have been a leading brand and are especially well known for its creative, innovative, and attractive ceiling fans. This brand’s growth has been quite amazing over the past years; it has accumulated over 31 custom designs to its name and continues to build more and better. 

  • Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Fanim Industries LP8350LAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan
  • Top 3 is, Fanimation FPS7981BN Embrace Ceiling Fan with Light


This brand has slowly gained the name of being the manufacturers of the world’s best ceiling fans. A stand out point about this company is that they have a separate design team that focuses solely on building beautiful, comfortable, and suitable designs for all kinds of rooms, spaces, or venues. Casablanca never follows the flow; instead, it believes in setting the trends and thus focuses on exploring and innovating. Their design team consists of people from Paris fashion backgrounds who have beautiful taste in terms of interiors. 

  • Casablanca 59022 Isotope Ceiling Fan
  • Casablanca 54103 Ceiling Fan
  • 59285 Casablanca Wisp 52 Bronze Ceiling Fan


Emerson is well known as well as an old brand in the fan motors industry. It was founded in 1895 in a small workshop where the manufacturing of small desk fans started. It slowly spread into larger fans and gradually spread its wings into ceiling fans as well. While innovation had always been the core belief of the brand, pushing it to survive for more than 100 years in the volatile markets, it also holds its touch to its roots. 

  • Emerson Tilo CF130WW Ceiling Fan
  • HF1160BS Emerson Industrial Ceiling Fan
  • Emerson Curva Sky 44 Ceiling Fan CF144WW


Hunter fans first came into the markets in 1886 and have owned it since. Their secret lies in the simple process of curating a perfect ceiling fan for every customer, rather than just assembling some parts and calling it a generic fan. Hunter fans cost more to build because, unlike most others, they are not built on high-speed assembly lines, but ‘quality paced’ assembly lines with better technologies. The company incorporates a stronger and bigger motor into its fans for a smooth and maintenance-free experience. This motor is one of a kind in terms of size as it is one of the largest in the whole industry. The company confidently says that ‘when you are buying a hunter, you’re buying the best’, which comes from years of experience.

  • Best Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Hunter Cassius 52 inch 59264
  • Hunter 53237 Ceiling Fan with Lights
  • Hunter Sea Wind 53118 Low Profile Ceiling Fan

There are many ceiling fan brands that start with H, among those Hunter, Harbor Breeze and Hamilton Beach are the best ceiling fans brands you can go for.


Ceiling fans have been in the markets for over 100 years and are still being used in almost every place we go to. It is safe to say that the market for them has only grown over the years. Many Brands have been in this industry from the start, and some have even entered as late as a couple of decades ago. Yet, each brand has accumulated some kind of customer base because they have some unique selling point about themselves. Above are the best Ceiling Fan brands guide and products of each brand. Check out and pick the perfect one for your indoor or outdoor.

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