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Best Electric Scooter Brands for Adults & Kids

Electric Scooters are one of the top-selling products in the biggest cities in the world these days. Electric Scooters provide easy & cheaper transportation without the safety issue that public transports causes. They are energy efficient, do not cause any emissions, and are very beneficial for the environment. Many governments are working on projects to introduce public Electric Bikes or Scooters that anyone can use with minimal or no fee. Now let us see the best electric scooter brands for adults and kids.

Popular and Best E Scooter Brands in the Market

For adults or kids, there is always a trend for these electric scooters. Before choosing one, you need to know what are the best e-scooter brands. Among many factors, brand is also important to consider. We reviewed some of the best electric bike brands below and also listed top 3 electric scooters from each brand. So, check and pick the best e-bike brand that fits your requirement.


Lime is one of the top Electric Scooter brands in the market right now. Governments in the UK and the US have offered to bring their Electric Scooters to their citizens, which says something about the brand itself. Lime’s downloadable app assists the users in checking the status of any Lime scooter around them. Some of the top Lime Electric Scooters are, Lime S Gen3, Lime S Segway, and Lime S Electric Scooter. 


Bird is the most popular electric scooter brands in USA. There are wide variety of e-scooters they offer for both adults and kids. Their mission is to reduce the traffic, cars usage, carbon emission in cities and make the places more livable. A few best electric scooters from Bird are, Bird Zero, Bird Cruiser, and Bird Two electric scooter.


This company specializes in building Electric Scooters for public use. They have an app that allows you to leave and pick up any Electric Scooter from their brand using their app. You can click the green button on the app, and the scooter will navigate you to your destination. It offers some of the best products which are Bolt one, Bolt chariot, Bolt bike.


HelbizGO offers dockless and easy transportation via its Electric Scooters. You rent a Helbiz using their online platform, and once used, you can leave them on any curbside. Their motto is very simple, ‘browse, scan, ride, leave.’ Helbiz offers an environment-friendly version of transportation to its users. Some of their promising products are the HelbizGo series 1 and HelbizBike.


Gogoro, as one of the best e-bike brands, is looking to reinvent the urban transportation system. They are working towards building scooters that assist cleaner toxicant free cities. They offer a smarter scooter with a smart sharing app. This brand has also been named as one of the coolest gadgets produced in 2016. The best products from this brand are the Gogoro 2, Gogoro S category, and Gogoro 3 plus.


This company focuses mostly on assisting users with short rides to and from places with the help of her Electric Scooters. Their newest generation scooters are built to offer safety, durability, and reliability. The design for their Electric Scooters is compact but still powerful enough to give you a safe and quick ride around the block. It even comes with 10-inch tubeless safety tires. It has an aluminum frame. The company’s best products are Beam Generation 3, Beam Generation 2, and Beam’s gen 1 model.


An Electric Scooter is rapidly becoming the best mode of transport for individual users who want to travel short distances. They have also become popular due to their high energy efficiency and eco-friendly behavior. Some of these scooters offer a compact display screen to the rider, making managing the scooter very easy and hassle free. Hope the above listed best electric scooter brands helped you in the process of buying one.

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