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Popular Ice Maker Machine Brands

Ice makers are not a very uncommon sight in most commercial and sometimes even non-commercial places these days. A lot of people or rather builders have started to offer refrigerators that come with pre-installed ice makers. Some households have separate compartments with ice makers as well. This facility has become so popular because it curbs the need for the user to refill ice trays if they want ice constantly. Users have to specifically remember to refill their ice trays way beforehand so that they have access to ice, hours later, and if in case they fall short of ice while using, then there are no further options for them. Now let’s see the best ice maker brands list in the market.

Best Ice Maker Brands on the Market

What is the best brand of ice maker? Some of the leading and best ice machine brands are listed below. Check out and choose the right one that suits your requirement.


Scotsman-ice website offers icemakers depending on the type of your need, like a commercial in the US or international or even for residential usage. They have ice makers that offer three types of ices like the traditional cubes, the smaller flakes, and even the chewable nugget sized ice. Some of their variants are even touched free, meaning you need not scoop out the ice with your hands. Other variants offer a perfect under the counter design that will fit under your kitchen cabinets very smoothly. Their ice makers, by default settings, give big cubes. Some best Scotsman ice cube makers are,

  • Scotsman CU0715MA Essential Series Ice Maker
  • Scotsman CU1526MW Prodigy Self-Contained Under-counter Ice Machine
  • Top 3 is, Scotsman C0330SA-1 Prodigy Plus Ice Maker


Frigidaire usually offers a countertop kind of ice maker facility. The machine is relatively compact and small and can only be used for smaller occasions or usages. Most of its ice maker variants offer a large see-through window on the top to know when it is done. It gives ice in less than six minutes according to the brand itself. Their machines use compressor cooling to make ice, which can be used by the customer, and it is also relatively lightweight. While they produce a wide variety of ice makers, some of their most popular models are the compact ones that can be used commercially and residentially. Choose the best portable ice maker 2020 of Frigidaire from the below list.

  • Frigidaire EFIC108-SILVER Counter top ice maker
  • Portable Frigidaire EFIC102 Ice Maker
  • Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Counter Top Ice Maker


Vremi is one of the famous brands in ice maker industry. It attracts a lot of users because of its compact and noiseless service. Most of their variants can produce ice within eight to ten minutes. They usually build countertop models only. One attractive feature about the Vremi ice makers is its various intelligent features that assist the user in some basic tasks automatically. The company also focuses on the energy aspect of their ice makers, and thus most of their medals are quite energy-efficient. The ice makers weigh around 20 pounds, which is relatively lightweight compared with other ice makers in the industry. 

  • Vremi Countertop Ice Maker VRM010636N 26 lbs
  • Vremi Commercial Grade Freestanding Ice Maker – 100 Pounds

Magic Chef

This is the best ice cube maker brand for offering an overall good performance in all aspects of the machine. They usually offer portable ice-making machines. Magic Chef claim that their ice makers are perfect for all occasions and offer the best and quickest way to make large quantities of ice. They focus more on residential ice makers, and thus their machines are designed to fit on a kitchen countertop or patio table easily. The brand offers a multitude of colors and patterns amongst its machines, and they can produce about 20 to 40 pounds of ice per day. 

  • Magic Chef 27 Lbs Portable Countertop Ice Maker
  • Magic Chef MCIM22B Ice Maker


This best ice maker brand, hOmelabs is well known for its countertop ice makers. It does have a huge variety in the types of machines, but the most popular one is its countertop ice cube maker. It is relatively affordable and costs only up to a couple of hundred dollars. One maybe can bag a good deal on their ice makers if they are having a sale. It boasts a quick generation of ice and a noiseless service for its users. The company has also taken care of energy conservation and claims that the product is energy efficient. Their ice cube maker offers a smart design, accommodated with a basket and a scooper. 

  • hOmeLabs 26 lbs Portable Ice Maker


Ice makers have readily become an important part of households, restaurant chains, and other commercial settings as well. While several brands are offering the machine, it isn’t easy to choose which is the best for us among all those ice machines brands. It usually depends on a customer’s needs and focuses on which brand will suffice for them. We have mentioned some of the best ice maker brands that cover all of a user’s necessities. 

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