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Top Rated Over the Range Microwave Brands

Microwaves have become an essential thing at home. If you have limited space in the kitchen and still need a microwave, you can get an over–the–counter microwave oven (OTR). OTRs does not occupy your countertop space and can be installed over your stove. When used in the kitchen, it gives you a neat look, and they are not portable. It has an excellent ventilation system to remove the smoke and cooking odors. Though it is similar to the hood, its functions are more than them. Electrolux, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, and Sharp are some of the leading manufacturers of Appliances, and their market share is more than 80% of the US market. Let’s see the Best Over the Range Microwave Brands for kitchen in the below sections.

Best Over the Range Microwave Brands of 2020

Which brand of over the range microwave is best? Among all the Brands, we have reviewed more than 10 top Over the Range Microwave brands and choose four leading brands and listed some of their best OTR Microwave ovens in the market for you. 

These Four best Over the Range microwave oven brands have a great understanding of the people’s needs and have created innovative things to help busy mothers in their morning. So check the below guide and get the best convection microwave oven to your home now.


Here comes the first in the list of best OTR oven brands. Samsung, a brand that never compromises in quality, is the leading brand in Electronics. They are the market leaders with varying capacity and advanced features over the range of microwave ovens. You can choose one based on capacity, price, features, pros, and cons. They provide excellent service from installation to service. All microwaves have horizontal control schemes with easy to read bold letters on the device. You can enjoy many features from baking to microwave the food under one roof. 

Some of the best OTR microwaves of Samsung are

  • Overall excellent – Samsung MG11H202CT Countertop grill microwave oven.
  • Best Pick up – Samsung ME18H704SFS Over the range Microwave oven.
  • Value for Money – Samsung ME16H702SES OTR microwave oven.


With huge fan support, Whirlpool has retained the reliability of its customers in the US. If you want to have a good OTR at a moderate price, Whirlpool products are for you. It is the second best OTR microwave oven brand in our list. It has minimal control options, which means that they are not inferior to any. You can barely hear the fan sound, as it is quiet and does a good job. They have received AHAM certification for microwave products, and they are best in energy consumption, product performance, lifetime warranty, material usage, and manufacturing process. They have high-performance microwave ovens and low profile ones.

Best Picks: 

  • Best overall – WMH31017 over the range microwave oven. 
  • High performance – WML75011HZ over the range microwave oven.
  • Value for money – WMH31017HS Stainless steel OTR microwave oven.


Sharp is a Japanese multi-brand company that designs low cost affordable electronic products. They were the first ones to introduce the turntable concept in microwave ovens. Their ovens are designed to occupy less space, counterintelligence, and easy installation. They are among the most admired brands in America, with more than 134 million microwaves sold in the market. Sharp means convenience, the latest technology, and simplicity to suit everyone’s needs at home.

Best Picks from most reliable Over the Range Microwave oven brand, Sharp:

  • Bestseller – Sharp R – 1214 over the counter microwave.
  • Value for money – SHARP ZSMC0912BS microwave.
  • Best performer – SHARP R1874T850W OTR Convection Microwave oven.

GE Appliances

Our review is not complete without adding GE Appliances. GE appliances provide the best home appliances with excellent customer care, parts, and product support. GE is native to America, and they were the ones to introduce first over-the-range microwave ovens in the market. They are known for creating a revolution in the cooking industry with microwaves and other cooking appliances. From Self- cleaning and over-the-range microwave ovens to Wi-Fi connected ovens, they are still the frontiers in the household appliances industry. They have won multiple awards and are the leaders in using Artificial Intelligence for the smart home.

Best Picks from this top OTR oven brand:

  • Smart home oven- GE Profile 2.1 Cu.Ft. 
  • Smart price – GE Profile PSA9240SFSS OTR microwave oven.


Microwave is the least expensive product in your kitchen cabinet. All you need is a long-lasting microwave brand without occupying more counter space. There are many brands in the market, yet Samsung and Sharp brands stand out in many aspects. They have reached most of the households with their reliable and least expensive over-the-range microwave ovens. For more info on Best Over the Range Microwave Brands in the market, you can leave the comment below.

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