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Frequently Asked Questions about Culver’s

Culver’s is a Midwest chain known for its ButterBurgers and frozen custard. Although it’s a Midwestern staple, Culver’s isn’t well known outside of the region. Here are some of the most asked Culver’s FAQs about the chain. Whether you’re a first-time customer or an old pro, you’ll find these tips helpful.

About Culver’s

Culver’s is a private fast-food restaurant chain based in the state of Wisconsin in the United States, founded in 1984 by two working couples: Craig and Lea Culver, with George and Ruth Culver. They were the first restaurant chain to introduce new items such as their signature Butter Burgers and Frozen Custards. Culver’s primarily operates in the Midwest of the United States. The company holds fundraisers and donations on a regular basis to assist locals in need. The restaurant chain has yet to enchant the entire United Nations with its delectable dishes. Culver’s has over $3.2 billion in revenue and over 25000 employees.

Culver’s FAQs

Culver’s is a chain of family restaurants founded in Sauk City, Wisconsin. The menu features Wisconsin-style butter burgers and frozen custard, as well as a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Culver’s:

What is a butter burger?

A butter burger is a burger made with a special buttery bun and topped with Wisconsin-style butter. The butter gives the burger a rich, creamy flavor that is unique to Culver’s.

What is frozen custard?

Frozen custard is a type of ice cream that is made with eggs, cream, and sugar. It is denser and richer than regular ice cream, and has a smoother texture. Culver’s frozen custard is made fresh daily in each restaurant.

Who owns culvers ?

The Culver Family owns the Culver’s company.

How many culver’s are there ?

Currently, there are approximately 800 Culver’s restaurants operating throughout the United States of America.

What state has the most Culvers?

Wisconsin has the most Culver’s locations in the United States, with 145 stores, accounting for approximately 16% of all Culver’s locations in the United States.

What is the most popular food at Culver’s?

Some of the most popular food at Culver’s are Crinkle Cut Fries, Bacon Deluxe, Chicken Tenders, Breaded, 2 Pieces, ButterBurger Cheese, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp, Grilled Chicken and Original ButterBurger Sandwich.

Is there an app for Culvers?

Culvers Food Delivery App is the quickest way to order from our restaurants online. It is completely normal to have a sudden craving for hot and delicious Butterburgers in the middle of the day. Culvers can now be ordered online with just a few taps. You place your order, and Culvers delivers it to you.

What is Culver’s most famous for?

Culver’s has been known for its Butterburgers and frozen custard since 1984. The Butterburger stands out from the fast-food competition thanks to its buttered and toasted buns. The butter is sourced from a small, family-owned creamery in Wisconsin.

Does Culver’s have real mashed potatoes?

Culver’s Mashed Potatoes & Gravy are the real deal, made with Russet potatoes, milk, and seasonings, mashed until light and fluffy, and dripping with savoury home-style gravy.

What’s Culver’s number?

You can contact Culver’s at 833-224-7670, 1 (608) 643-7980.

What time does Culvers close?

Closing hours for Culvers are usually around 10 PM. However, timings will vary depending on location.

Where to buy Culver’s gift cards?

You can buy Culver’s gift cards from their official website or click on this link:

How much is Culver’s senior discount?

Culver’s offers a 10% senior discount on all Culver’s dishes.

How often do culvers coupons come in the mail?

Culvers coupons will be mailed to you once or three times.

Where is the nearest culver’s?

To find a culvers near me, go to

Does culvers have a rewards program?

Culver’s does have a rewards programme called MyCulvers.

Are Culver’s fries gluten free?

Gluten-free buns are available at Culver’s. However, their fries may contain gluten, so if you are gluten-intolerant, avoid them.

Are the onion rings at Culvers vegan?

No, Culver’s Onion Rings contain milk and are thus not vegan.

How to order online from Culver’s?

To order from Culver’s, go to: and enter your address, type of delivery and when to make your order.

Where to find the nutritional information of Culver’s menu?

To find the nutritional information about Culver’s menu, go to:

Does Culver’s gift card expire?

No, Culver’s gift cards do not expire, and they do not charge service fees on any unused balances.

Are Culver’s burgers frozen?

No, Culver’s uses only fresh, never frozen beef, which is seared on a grill to order and served on a lightly buttered, toasted bun.


Culver’s is a beloved Wisconsin-based chain of restaurants with a rich history dating back to 1984. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about this iconic restaurant. If you have additional questions that aren’t answered here, be sure to check out Culver’s website or contact your local location for more information. Thanks for reading, and bon appetit!