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Gordon Food Service Frequently Asked Questions!

Gordon Food Service is a leading food service distributor. It is a subsidiary of John Hancock Financial. The company was founded by a man named William Gordon. It has been in operation for over a century. It serves over 50,000 customers and has a presence in 44 states. They are a family-owned company with over 100 years of experience in the industry. It provide food for a wide range of consumers, from restaurants to large healthcare facilities. And once you have had a chance to shop around, gather your shopping cart, bag your purchases and check out with an available associate. They’re professionals and ready to answer any questions you might have. In this blog, we will answer some of the GFS FAQs.


How to find Gordon Food Service near me?

Find your nearest GFS store using this store locator

Where is Gordon Foods Headquarters located?

GFS Headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States.

Do you need a card for GFS?

The GFS stores are open to the public all days a week and do not require a membership fee.

Where does Gordon Food Service get its products?

GFS store works with over 1,000 farms across North America. This broad footprint allows them to take advantage of the best climate and growing conditions, ensuring that you always get the best produce.

Does Gordon Foods have prime rib?

Yes, Gordon foods have roasted prime rib.

How many Gordon Food Service stores are there in Michigan?

Michigan has the most Gordon Food Service locations in the United States, with 51 locations, accounting for 29% of all Gordon Food Service locations in the country.

Can you return unopened food to GFS?

Yes, you can return the product to any Gordon Food Service Store with a receipt for an exchange or refund.

Can you return meat to GFS?

The product must be in its original packaging with no markings, writing, or damage. To be eligible for credit, product quality must be verified by a Gordon Food Service Sales Representative.

How do I use my GFS points?

Sign in to, click Ordering at the top of the screen, and then select GO! Points from the menu. Then you can choose which checksĀ to redeem. The checks will be mailed to you.

Does Gordon Food Service have an app?

Truck delivery customers who have Gordon Food Service accounts can use the Gordon Now App, which provides real-time information about their current order, including an estimated truck arrival time.

Is GFS a public company?

GFS is the twenty-second largest privately held company in the United States, according to Forbes Magazine.

What are GFS points?

Members can earn points both in-store and online when they purchase qualifying items. Once you have earned enough points, you will be able to use them as cash at the register or cash them in for a Big $1,000 Check!

Is Costco cheaper than GFS?

GFS charges $13.99 for 2 1/2 pounds, which works out to $5.60 per pound. 3 pounds are available at Costco for $14.99, or $5 per pound. Compared to supermarket snack bags, both are significantly less expensive!

How many locations does Gordon Foods have?

As of 2023, GFs operates more than 175 stores across United States.

Who is Gordon Food Service’s competitors?

Sysco, US Foods, Dot Foods, and Tolou Pakhsh Aftab are some of Gordon Food Service’s rivals.


Gordon Food Service is focused on providing its consumers with the best quality products. Everything from meals, snacks, and groceries to baking ingredients, equipment, and much more can be found within the Gordon Food Service’s store. Do you have any other questions regarding the GFS? Please do leave a comment below and we will get back to you! Remember, your feedback is very important to us so please continue to provide us with your useful input. Thank you and have a great day!