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Enter Giant Eagle Customer Survey @ and Earn 10 Bonus Perks

Giant Eagle is known all over the United States as the one-stop supermarket for all needs and groceries. Be it eggs and milk or medicines, and you will find everything here. Handling this large-scale superstore has been quite the task they have kept up very well. To maintain this quality and keep up with the changing trends and wants of the customer, they have launched a survey called GiantEaglelistens. This Giant Eagles Customer Satisfaction survey is very well structured and is a short survey. It takes around 4-6 minutes to complete this survey. It is very user-friendly and accessible. It is available in English and Spanish. With this survey, you stand a chance to win 10 bonus rewards!

Here, you will find all the things required for this survey, steps to participate in it, questions that can be asked in the survey, the rewards they are providing, some general information about the company, and some FAQs!

What are the Requirements of Giant Eagle Listens Survey?

  • You will require a purchase bill with the survey code.
  • A laptop or mobile is required to attempt this survey.
  • You must know to read and write English or Spanish.
  • A stable internet connection will be necessary to attempt Giant Eagle listens survey.

How to Take Gianteaglelistens.Com Survey to Win Bonus Perks?

To participate in Giant Eagle listens com survey, follow the steps listed ahead.

Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey Image
  • Enter the Giant Eagle Listens Survey code provided on your purchase bill.
  • You can now go ahead and continue to fill out this survey.
  • After completing the survey, you will be asked to fill in your contact details. The contact details are as follows:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email ID
    • Giant Eagle advantage card number
  • That’s it, now your officially entered into the Target customer survey, and now you get a chance to win 10 bonus perks.

Giant Eagle Rewards

Every good work and effort deserves a reward. Completing survey also takes up a bit of time and effort. And in appreciation of this, Giant Eagle rewards its customers with 10 bonus perks. It can range from a 20% discount on your next grocery purchase at a Giant Eagles store to a free tank of gas! Giant Eagle listens winners rewards are subject to change from time to time, so keep an eye on their website to know the latest Giant Eagle gas rewards. Each reward has a limit of one per 30 days. Perks may take up to 5 days to be loaded into your bank account.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Enter Giant Eagle Feedback?

Survey NameGiant Eagle Listens
Survey URL
Receipt Validity Period7 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 days
Rewards10 Bonus perks!
Survey Limit (How many surveys one can take per receipt)1 per receipt
  • One must be 18 years or above to participate in Giant Eagle Feedback.
  • Participants should not be a employee of this store, nor should they have a close relative working there.
  • This survey is open only to US citizens.
  • The reward cannot be redeemed in the form of other cash prizes.

Giant Eagle Survey Questions @ www gianteaglelistens com

This survey can be attempted in two languages, English and Spanish. Giant Eagle survey mainly has questions that have a rating system, with a few yes and no questions. This makes the survey easier to attempt and hassle-free. Given below are the various questions asked in www gianteaglelistens com survey. This should help you as a survey taker to remember the different things to be mindful of on your next visit.

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at Giant Eagle.
  • Based on your most recent experience, how likely would you be to recommend Giant Eagle to your friends and family?
  • Did you interact with a Giant Eagle team member on this visit?
  • Which of the following departments did you visit? (list of options is provided)
  • Please rate your satisfaction with The team member’s knowledge of products, ease of locating products, the freshness, and quality of produce, availability of assistance, price of the product on sale, etc.
  • Please rate the center storage area.
  • Were you greeted as you shopped through the store?
  • What percentage of grocery shopping do you do at Giant Eagle?
  • Where else do you frequently purchase groceries? (options are provided)
  • Will you return to this Giant Eagle store the next time you need groceries?
  • Tell us three more sentences about why you were highly satisfied with your experience at Giant Eagles.
  • Please rate the time to go through checkout and the attentiveness of the cashier.
  • How many customers were in the line in front of you? (options are provided)

These are the types of questions asked for the survey. You are then asked to provide your contact details for verification and sending the gift cards.

About Giant Eagle Stores

Whenever one thinks of a one-stop grocery store, the first name that always pops up is Giant Eagles. Giant Eagle is an American supermarket chain with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. It was founded in 1981 by three Pittsburgh-originated families: Goldsteins, Porters, and Chaits. Giant eagles have various brands, including pharmacy, contact lenses, a market district, an oil facility, and a Starbucks! Amidst this wide variety of products available here, Giant eagles are mainly known for their excellent price value on good quality produce. They are now known to be a sustainable and reliable option for groceries.

Giant Eagles is currently run by Laura Shapira Kenet, with David Shapira being the executive chairman. They now intend to make all their stores cashier-free.

How to Contact Giant Eagle?

Contact Number1-800-553-2324
Fax(412) 968-1617
Headquarters AddressO’Hara Township, Pennsylvania, US
Giant Eagle Hours7 AM to 10 PM every day
Support HoursMonday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM
Giant Eagle Near Me

Frequently Answer Questions

Giant Eagle, where is the survey code?

You can find the survey code at the bottom of the receipt.

What time does Giant Eagle close?

The store closes at 10 pm every day

What time does Giant Eagle open?

Giant Eagle opens at 7 am every day

Who owns Giant Eagle?

Giant Eagle is a privately owned family company. Current CEO is Laura Shapira.

What gift cards does Giant Eagle sell?

They sell gift cards worth $5 to $500

How much do you get in gas rewards at Giant Eagle?

You get 2 perks for 1 gallon of fuel pumped, and you can get 10% off per gallon of gas.

How to redeem Giant Eagle fuel rewards?

You can ask for the card at customer service, and then you can scan that card to redeem the points.

How to use a Giant Eagle gift cards for gas at GetGo?

You must enter your gift card number to get gas at GetGo outlets.

Do you get gas perks when you buy a Giant Eagle gift card?

No, you do not get gas perks on purchasing a gift cards at Giant Eagle.

How do I get a Giant Eagle card?

You can get a Giant eagle reward card or advantage card on their official website or at a customer help desk at any Giant Eagle store.

How to check Giant Eagle gift card balance?

To check your gift card balance, go to and enter your card number and PIN.

How to get Giant Eagle coupons?

You can get coupons by visiting Giant Eagle official website:


The Giant Eagle customer satisfaction survey is a great way for the supermarket chain to get honest feedback from their clients. Customers can participate by keeping their purchase receipt and entering the survey code at gianteaglelistens website This is a valuable way for Giant Eagle to get insight from their customers so they can improve their business.