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Win $374 Worth Of Prizes By Completing Wawa Customer Survey!

Getting groceries for your house can get hectic, especially when everyone has different requirements. It becomes challenging to navigate through various stores. Luckily, you will find every family member’s needs simultaneously in Wawa. Wawa has been America’s trusted one-stop grocery and gas brand. They have been maintaining their standard of service and innovating various ways to better their service. To better understand the current trends and needs, they have launched a Wawa customer survey sweepstakes. mywawavisit is a quick survey that will take 5–7 minutes.

After completing this my wawa survey, you will be eligible to enter a sweepstake. The prizes of the sweepstake would range from $100 to $250!

What Do I Need To Join the Wawa Survey?

To participate in this wawa survey, you will require the following things given below:

  • You will require a purchase bill with the Wawa survey code.
  • They will require a laptop or a smartphone to attempt the www my wawa visit com survey
  • To access the www wawa com survey and complete it smoothly, you will require a stable internet connection.

How to Participate in Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey @

To participate in this mywawavisit survey and also in the sweepstake, follow the steps provided below.

Wawa Customer Survey image
  • They will then ask you to provide the store number and the survey code. You can find these details on your purchase bill.
  • You can then complete the wawa wellness survey.
  • After answering all the questions in www mywawavisit com, they will ask you to provide your contact details. This is to enter you into the sweepstake. They will notify you if you win.

How To Participate in Wawa Customer Survey Sweepstakes?

Wawa stores have added fun to surveys by declaring a sweepstake! You are eligible to enter the sweepstake by completing this wawa survey with no receipt. You can only enter wawa survey sweepstakes after completing the wawa gift card survey. They can only access the mywawavisit survey (currently) with a purchase bill with the survey code. This Wawa customer survey sweepstakes will have fifty-one winners. One person will win the grand prize. Other than this, 5 people from the sponsor’s ten regions will also be winning first prizes.

How To Get Wawa Rewards?

Every good work deserves a reward. And to show gratitude to the customers for patiently filling out the survey and taking part in the sweepstake, they will award the winner with the Wawa Rewards in the form of fifty-two (52) free classic hoagie coupons for a year is $374. Another grand prize winner will receive a gift basket of Wawa merchandise valued at approximately $75. Each first prize will consist of a $25 Wawa gift card and a gift basket of Wawa merchandise valued at approximately $75.

My Wawa Visit Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey NameWawas voice of the customer survey sweepstake
Survey URL
Receipt Validity Period5 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period7 days
RewardsWawa Gift cards, coupons and merchandise
Survey Limit1 per receipt
  • Should be 18 years or older to give the wawa reviews.
  • Has to be a legal resident of the United States of America to enter my wawa visit survey.
  • The receipt is valid for 5 days
  • The prize is not redeemable in other cash prizes.
  • This sweepstake is only available to people who are not employees or immediate families of employees of Wawa

What Questions Do I Get in Wawa Feedback?

The questions in this survey are majorly rating based, making it very easy to attempt. It is imperative to answer these questions candidly and honestly, as your identity will remain anonymous for the survey. Here are some of the questions asked to give you a better idea of the type of questions asked. These will also help you to observe and note the various things at the Wawa store near you and help you judge better. These are a few examples of the questions that are asked in this Wawa feedback survey.

  • What day of the week was your visit?
  • What time was your visit?
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with the whole experience?
  • What did you purchase?
  • Have you ordered via the app before?

About Wawa Company

Wawa Inc. is an American company that runs several convenience stores and gas stations across America. Graham Woode founded it in 1964. They now have around 900 locations all across America. Chris Gheysens is the CEO of Wawa convenience stores and gas stations. They have around 37,000 employees working with them.

Being a convenience store, they majorly sell chips, soda, and milk. They have been experimenting with selling their signature coffees, sodas, and other snacks. The hot breakfast range is what they are best known for. They plan on also venturing into providing dinners and lunches.

Wawa Customer Service Details

Wawa Phone Number022 2173 0300, 1-800-444-9292
Mailing Address260 W Baltimore Pike Red Roof
Wawa Headquarters AddressWawa, Pennsylvania, United States
Wawa Hours (Working)10 am to 10 pm
Support Hours8 am to 5 pm
Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Wawa?

George Wood’s descendants own less than half of Wawa today, while employees own more than 40% through the company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This shows that Wawa is committed to being an employee-owned company.

Does Wawa sell gift cards?

Yes, you can purchase them on their wawa official website.

How to send Wawa complaints?

You can contact them on their customer care number or can lodge a complaint on their official wawas website.

What time does Wawa close?

Closing of wawa hours is usually around 10 pm every day. However, the timings will varies depends upon the locations.

What time does Wawa open?

Wawa opens at 10 am every day.However, the timings will varies depends upon the locations.

What gift cards does Wawa sell?

It sells wawa gift card online for normal purchases and for gas purchases.

Where is the nearest Wawa?

You can find your nearest store location using this locator –

Why Wawa survey not giving coupons?

Because they have announced a sweepstake, only on winning the sweepstake can one win coupons.

Is it safe to give customer info on a Wawa customer satisfaction survey?

Yes, it is very safe to give your information because they only used your identity for contacting you on winning otherwise, they kept information confidential.

Why I didn’t receive a free beverage coupon after completing the Wawa survey?

Because that reward is discontinued. And remember there is no Wawa survey for free coffee and wawa survey free drink offers. because now they have announced a wawa sweepstakes.

Do people actually win my Wawa visit?

Yes, people will actually win the wawa visit, and also there will also receive exciting rewards.

What does Wawa stand for?

Wawa is a Native American word that was originally used to describe the Canada Goose. The bird was found in the Delaware Valley over 100 years ago and has since become an icon of the area.


People found this mywawavisit com survey to be fascinating and informative. It made them to choose their products from the wawa’s store. And I liked the idea of a sweepstake; It is a fun way to keep customers engaged. The rewards are also pretty reasonable and better as they help save and give a good memoir.