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Safeway survey is a customer satisfaction survey designed to gather and analyze customers’ thoughts about their services and product quality. They sought reviews and experiences you had when you visited their stores for your regular food purchases. Through this, they tend to improve customer service and product quality to make your visits more delightful and comfortable. The two primary factors for long-term sustenance are analyzing the customer reviews and improving the deep gaps. Safeway considers both of these criteria through their customer satisfaction survey as they collect feedback from various questionnaires in several categories. They improve these categories individually by studying the reviews they have received.

They respect their customers’ time, and in exchange for completing this survey, they offer them the chance to win a $100 gift card sweepstakes. You can earn guaranteed gift cards by completing their survey and assisting them in improving their service and product quality. Keep your purchase receipt intact after purchasing at your local retailer to participate in this survey, as it contains a survey receipt codes.

Prerequisites of Safeway Feedback Survey

  • To take Safeway survey online, the participant must be of a minimum of 18 years or above.
  • He/She must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Ensure proper network connectivity to access the survey form.
  • Availability of a PC / desktop/laptop/phone, etc., is a must.
  • A good purchase bill is required as it contains the survey invitation code.
  • Understanding English or Spanish languages is required to understand the survey questions.

How to Take Safeway Customer Feedback Survey?

  • To participate in the Safeway customer feedback survey, visit their official survey website
  • You can access the survey in two languages, i.e., either English or Spanish. You can select Spanish from the right corner, as English is the default language.
Safeway Customer Survey Image
  • Once you have opened the website on your laptop or phone, type in the purchase details and survey invitation code on your invoice. You can also enter sweepstakes without making a purchase.
  • After filling in the receipt details, press ‘next’ to start the survey.
  • You will be redirected to many questions in several categories, like product quality, customer handling and service, store hygiene, product price, availability, etc., one by one.
  • The majority of questions asked in the questionnaire will be on a ranking and rating basis. You can rate different services per your experience.
  • Once satisfied with your options filling and rating, you can press ‘Submit’ to submit your review and feedback.
  • To enter the sweepstakes, fill in your personal information to get rewarded for your review share, i.e., a $100 gift card.

Safeway Survey Sweepstakes

Safeway allows you to enter a sweepstake, where the maximum prize is $100 in cash and some other amazing rewards. All the participants fulfilling the requirements will be eligible to enter the sweepstakes draw. You can win the maximum prize at the end of the month when the draw will be declared.

You can enter the sweepstakes either by filling out the genuine feedback at their survey site or by mailing them through conventional modes. To participate by mailing, just write in your details like name, contact number, postal address, e-mail address, residential proof, etc., and mail to their official mailing address, i.e.,
SAFEWAY SURVEY SWEEPSTAKES, C/o Stella Service, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004, U.S.A.

Safeway Rewards

They respect and value the importance of your time spent providing a genuine review and filling out that questionnaire. So, in exchange for your feedback, they reward you with an amazing chance to enter the sweepstake, where gift cards worth $100 are awarded as prizes. So, you can stand a chance to win one of the 20 $100 gift cards.

You can redeem those Safeway gift cards at your next grocery purchase either through online modes or by visiting the offline store location. These gift cards contain discount offers; hence, they couldn’t be transferred to anyone else. Safeway survey winners should redeem their Safeway reward card within the next 30 days. You also stand a chance to provide aid to improve Safeway for its future customers by sharing your opinions about the availability and quality of its products.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Enter Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Survey NameSafeway Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL
Receipt Validity Period4 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 days
Rewards$100 Safeway digital cards
Survey LimitOne person per receipt
  • Each participant can fill out the survey form once per receipt.
  • You can not transfer the Safeway coupons to another person.
  • Employees and their close relatives are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  • Enter the correct and valid contact details at the time of entry to sweepstake.

Safeway Customer Survey Questionnaire @

To make it easy for you to understand the type of questions that are asked at the Safeway Customer survey, we have curated a list of some of them. The majority of the questions are in rating format to save your time

  • When was the last time you visited the Safeway Store?
  • What do you like about Safeway grocery products and customer relations
  • Could you provide some tips and recommendations on improving your next experience?
  • Tell us about the staff cooperation and handling
  • How did you like the Safeway Digital coupons and offers?
  • Your experience with the sweepstake
  • How would you rate your overall experience of purchasing with Safeway

About Safeway Supermarket

Safeway is the second largest chain of grocery items in New York City. Safeway has a large regional and national space in the United States of America. They have curated a world-class reputation and trust among customers for their products. It was founded as a normal grocery store by M.B. Skaggs in a remote area of Idaho, the U.S.A., in 1915. Albertson’s company currently owns it. It is running in 35 states of America, with over 2.5 lakhs employees working their offline stores.

It has developed supermarkets from a single grocery store. They provide great fresh groceries for home cooking and house functionalities like surfactants, food items, etc. They also have a pharmacy section for your first aid to regular medicines.

How to Contact Safeway Supermarket?

Contact Number1-877-258-2799
Mailing AddressSAFEWAY SURVEY SWEEPSTAKES, C/o Stella Service, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004, U.S.A.
Headquarters Address5918 Stonebridge Mall Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588, United States
Safeway Hours6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Support Hours24 x 7
Safeway Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do the Safeway survey?

Visit the official survey website and follow the screen to fill out the complete survey.

Who owns Safeway?

Albertsons Company is the owner of Safeway.

What time does Safeway close?

Generally, Safeway Stores close at 11:00 PM. However, timings may change depending on the locations of the store.

What time does Safeway open?

Usually, Safeway Stores open at around 6:00 AM on all days.

Has anybody won the Safeway feedback survey?

Yes, one person wins every month.

How do Safeway gas rewards work?

You can use them through their Mobile Apps.

How to redeem Safeway gas rewards?

you can redeem Safeway rewards on your next purchases.

Where is the nearest Safeway?

You can locate the nearest Safeway store at

What gift cards does Safeway sell?

Safeway sells different amounts of discount gift cards and product gift cards.

How to win Safeway monopoly?

Safeway monopoly can be won on luck as it’s a lucky draw.

How to check Safeway gift card balance?

You can check your Safeway gift card balance in their gift card section at their official website.

How to do an employee survey for Safeway employees?

Employees of Safeway are not allowed to participate in the Safeway online survey.

What is the Safeway survey site?

The official survey site of Safeway is

What information do I need off my Safeway receipt for the survey?

To fill out the Safeway feedback survey com, you need Purchase details and a survey invitation code from the Safeway Receipt.

How to give a Safeway survey without waiting for 15 days?

Just purchase at their offline store and visit their official website to complete the survey.

How often can I do a Safeway survey?

You can participate once per month in the Safeway survey.

When do the Safeway sweepstakes end?

Sweepstakes end after every month.

What can you win from the Safeway monopoly sweepstakes entry?

You can get $100 gift cards from Safeway Monopoly sweepstakes.

How do I use Safeway digital coupons?

You can use your Safeway digital coupons at your purchase through their stores.

Where to get Safe promo codes?

You can get Safeway free delivery codes or promo codes by visiting their website,

Final Say

Safeway is a trusted brand among its customers for its credibility and quality of service on demand. They tend to increase and work more by engaging with customers directly and reading their thoughts about Safeway and its product quality and availability. You can help them improve, become a more authorized brand, and improve your future experiences. In exchange, they provide you with $100 Safeway digital gift cards.