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Savers Customer Survey | Chance To Get Exciting Coupon Codes!

American thrift retail stores are called Savers stores. Savers Listens offers a chance to get $2 off for the customers on their next purchase worth $5 or more. Savers’ Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online survey designed to gather the feedback and suggestions of the customers so that people can work out the shortcomings of Savers and focus on their strengths and the good parts more. It values its customers and, hence, gives them a chance to be heard by following a few easy steps in a simple online survey. Then, they can enter it and win a discount worth $2 on their purchase of $5 or more.

Requirements of Savers Listens Survey

To participate in Savers Listens survey, the following are the requirements:

  • Purchase or donation to Savers is necessary.
  • Receipt of the purchase or donor invitation card must be present with the participant.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish language.

How to complete Saver’s Feedback @

To participate in the Savers customer satisfaction survey online, the participant must follow the following steps:

  • Donate to Savers to receive a Donor Invitation Card or purchase something from Savers to receive a receipt.
  • Visit the Savers official survey website –
saverslistens survey
  • Select the option, whether you have a Donor Invitation Card or a Savers Purchase Receipt.
  • If you have a Donor Invitation Card, you will have to enter the 4-digit customer code from your receipt, the date of your visit, and the hour of your visit.
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  • If you have a purchase, exchange, or return receipt, now enter the 19-digit customer code from your receipt.
  • Click the ‘Start’ button.
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  • Your survey page will appear with the questions. Answer all the saverslistens com survey questions honestly and rate your genuine experience.
  • Enter your gender, age, annual household income, and Postal/Zip Code for classification purposes and click the ‘Next’ button.
  • You will receive your savers discount code, which you can redeem within 90 days of entering the survey.

Is there A Way to Get Savers Rewards?

The customers participating in the They will offer survey Savers rewards of coupon code worth a $2 discount on the purchase of $5 or more in exchange for their genuine feedback based on their experience and precious time. They will present the code of the discount coupon at the end of the completion of the survey, which you can redeem at the Savers store for the next purchase, and people cannot redeem it for cash. It is a non-transferable coupon. The discount coupon has to be redeemed within 90 days of receiving it.

What are the Rules of Savers Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Survey NameSavers Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL
Receipt Validity Period7 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period90 days
Rewards$2 discount on the purchase of $5 or more
Survey Limit (How many surveys can one take per receipt)One person, one survey per receipt
  • One household can participate only once per month.
  • The coupon is not valid on sale days, at grand openings, or with any discount or coupon.
  • Not valid for new items or purchases made with gift certificates.
  • The receipt is valid for 7 days only. So, within 7 days of your visit, you must complete the Savers guest satisfaction survey.
  • The coupon code is valid for 90 days from the date they receive it.
  • Employees and staff and their family members are not allowed to participate.
  • You cannot redeem the savers coupons for cash.

Which Questions Do They Ask in Savers Survey?

The participant of the Savers survey will have to rate their experience while shopping at Savers. The participant will face the following types of questions in savers feedback:

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with Savers shopping experience.
  • Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  • Rate Saver’s cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Rate the behaviour of employees towards the customers.
  • Rate the products and services.

About Savers Company

Savers- Shop, Reuse, Reimagine- is an American-based for-profit retail thrift store headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA, with Mark Walsh serving as the CEO. Savers stores buy second-hand donated merchandise from non-profit organizations in exchange for money. The first Savers started in 1954 in San Francisco, California, the US, and now has over 315 stores spread over the US, Australia, and Canada. In 2019, the private equity firms Ares Management and Crescent Capital Group acquired the ownership of Savers stores.

Except for the corporation’s name, they have also known Savers stores as Value Village in the Pacific Northwest and most of Canada, Village des Valeurs in Quebec, and Unique in the area surrounding the District of Columbia. Savers deal with second-hand clothing, footwear, bedding, jewelry, furniture, electronics, toys, and household items.

How To Contact Savers?

Contact Number800-259-0004, 0393812393
Headquarters Address11400 SE 6th St #220, Bellevue, Washington, United States
Working Hours10 AM to 9 PM
Support Hours24 hours a day

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Savers rewards work?

They rewarded the employees at Savers with remuneration, parental leave, healthcare plans, flexible schedule, insurance, and paid time off.

What time does Savers open?

Most of the Savers stores open at 10 AM. Although timings will change depending on the location.

What time does Savers close?

Closing savers hours are usually around 9 PM. Although timings will change depending on the location.

How to donate to Savers?

You can visit the nearest Savers store or visit to make your donations.

Where is the nearest Savers store?

To find your savers near me store, visit the website and enter your location. You will get the nearest address.

Who owns Savers?

The CEO of Savers is Mark Walsh.

What are the discount days at Savers?

The discount days at Savers are Tuesday and Thursday.

When is Savers’ senior discount day?

Every Tuesday is a senior discount day at Savers stores for citizens older than 60 years of age. Save 20% to 40% off depending on the store location.

Is Savers owned by Superdrug?

A. S. Watson converted into branches of Superdrug, after the acquisition of many of the Savers stores.


Savers Listens has offered to reward the customers for taking some time to provide feedback based on their experience with Savers. The company will hear their suggestions to improve Savers, so the customers should be honest while answering the survey questions. It will improve the customer service of Savers, and the customers get a $2 discount on their next purchase in Savers.