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Frequently Asked Questions – SpartanNash Company

SpartanNash is a public company that operates as one of the largest food wholesalers in the world. Due to its size, SpartanNash has become increasingly relevant to investors interested in the food industry. To many, the company represents an exciting opportunity for growth, given its high exposure to emerging markets and investment in e-commerce. The company’s recent acquisition of SuperValu, a large wholesaler, based in Minneapolis, has only increased investor interest in SpartanNash. If you’ve landed here, then it’s almost certain that you have questions about SpartanNash. So we’ve included some of the most common Spartannash FAQs below.

SpartanNash FAQs

Where are SpartanNash stores located?

SpartanNash stores are located in these states of US. Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

What does SpartanNash do?

The SpartanNash company delivers the ingredients for a better life by focusing on customer needs.

Is SpartanNash privately owned?

The SpartanNash formerly Spartan Stores, Nash Finch company is an American food distribution and grocery store retailer based in Byron Center, Michigan.

How many SpartanNash stores are there?

Currently, SpartanNash operates over 147 company-owned grocery stores and distributes to over 2,100 independent stores.

Who owns the Our Family brand?

SpartanNash acquired it as part of its acquisition of Nash Finch in 2013. The grocery store line includes nearly 2,000 items across almost all aisles.

How to find SpartanNash near me?

You can find your nearest Spartannash using this link

Who is the CEO of SpartanNash company?

The current CEO of SpartanNash is Tony B. Sarsam.

Is SpartanNash going out of business?

No, SpartanNash is still in business and it don’t have plans to quit business in future.

Is Amazon going to buy SpartanNash?

Amazon signed a contract in October 2020 to buy its 15% stake by October 2027. According to several reports at the time, under the terms of the agreement, Amazon must purchase $8 billion worth of products from SpartanNash over seven years.

How many distribution centers does SpartanNash have?

SpartanNash have 18 distribution centers that serves customers in 50 states.

Where is SpartanNash headquarters?

SpartanNash headquarters is located in Byron Center, Michigan, United States.

Is SpartanNash stock a buy?

According to its Value Score of A, it would be a good choice for value investors. The stability of SPTN’s finances and its growth prospects show that it has the potential to outperform the market. Its growth score right now is B.

Is SpartanNash a publicly traded company?

The Nasdaq Stock Exchange lists SpartanNash common stock under the ticker SPTN.

Who are SpartanNash competitors?

FRANK’S INTERNATIONAL, SUPERVALU, Meijer, and Flowers Foods are some of SpartanNash competitors.

What time does SpartanNash grocery stores open?

SpartanNash stores open at 6 AM every day.

Where to give survey for SpartanNash?

You can take Spartannash survey at following website

What rewards you will get for participating in Mygroceryfeedback survey?

You can win $100 Gift Card for participating in SpartanNash survey.

Does SpartanNash stores open on holidays?

Yes, SpartanNash stores remains open on all federal holidays except Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.


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