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White Castle Restaurant Menu With Prices

Looking for something different on your next fast food outing? White Castle menu offers a variety of unique menu items to tantalize your taste buds. From sliders and chicken sandwiches to salads and onion rings, there’s something for everyone at this popular chain. So why not check out the White Castle menu today? You may be surprised at what you find!

About White Castle

White Castle is a popular fast-food restaurant in the United States. You’ll be able to get a variety of menu items if you visit one of their locations. In addition to expanding to various locations and starting franchises, they have also grown their business. You can get a variety of menu items at White Castle. Billy Ingram found this company in 1921. Their burger and Original Slider are particularly distinctive. White Castle serves the Midwest region of the country in addition to several international locations.

White Castle Menu Prices

White Castle menu serves breakfast all day. It offers a variety of sandwiches and hash browns, and it serves them until late at night. Breakfast options include Combos, which come with small hash brown nuggets and small coffee, and Originals, which are single items.

White Castle Breakfast Originals

Breakfast Slider with Sausage & Cheese$1.39
The Original Slider with Egg & Cheese$1.59
Strawberries & Cream Waffles (Limited Time) 2 Pc.$1.99
Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal$1.49
Breakfast Toast Sandwich with Sausage, Egg & Cheese$1.89
French Toast Sticks 4 pc.$1.59
Breakfast Toast Sandwich with Egg & Cheese$1.79
Hash Brown Nibblers Sack$2.99
Belgian Waffle Slider with Bacon, Egg & Cheese (Limited Time)$2.09
Mini Belgian Waffles (Limited Time) 2 Pc.$1.69
Breakfast Sliders with Sausage, Egg & Cheese$1.59
Breakfast Sliders with Bacon, Egg & Cheese$1.59
Belgian Waffle Slider with Sausage & Gravy (Limited Time)$1.89
Mini Donuts 3$0.99
Hash Brown Nibblers Small$1.19
Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal (No Topping)$1.39
Belgian Waffle Slider with Sausage, Egg & Cheese (Limited Time)$2.09
Breakfast Sliders with Egg & Cheese$1.39
Mini Donuts 1$0.39
Breakfast Toast Sandwich with Bacon, Egg & Cheese$1.89
Hash Brown Nibblers Medium$1.69

White Castle Breakfast Combos

Two Breakfast Sliders$4.99
Two Breakfast Toast Sandwiches$5.59
One Breakfast Toast Sandwich$3.89
One Belgian Waffle Slider$4.09
One Breakfast Slider$3.59

My Size Meals

My Size Meals ItemsSizePrices
Grilled Chicken Slider1 Pc.$3.49
Original Slider1 Pc.$2.59
Cheese Slider1 Pc.$2.79
Chicken Rings3 Pc.$3.09

White Castle Slider Price List

White Castle Sliders MenuSizeWhite Castle Slider Prices
Bacon Cheese SliderSingle$2.46
Cheese SliderSingle$0.90
Bistro Turkey Slider (Limited Time) $1.09
Cheese SliderDouble$1.78
Bacon Cheese SliderDouble$1.24
Chicken Ring Slider $1.39
Chicken Breast Slider $1.59
Cranberry Turkey Slider (Limited Time) $1.19
Turkey Dinner Slider (Limited Time) $1.59
Fish Slider $1.59
Jalapeño Cheese SliderSingle$0.94
The Original SliderSingle$0.72
Jalapeño Cheese SliderDouble$1.86
The Original SliderDouble$1.42
Chicken & Waffles Slider (Limited Time) $2.69
Veggie Slider $0.99

Grilled Chicken

Savory Grilled Chicken – Combo$5.79
Western BBQ$1.79
Bacon & Cheddar$1.79
Savory Grilled Chicken$1.59
Bacon & Cheddar – Combo$6.19
Western BBQ – Combo$6.19

Crave Case

White Castle Big Craves MenuSize
Castle Pack 920 original Sliders and 4 fries.
Crave Crate100 of your favorite Sliders in a case.
Crave Case30 Sliders packed in a convenient case.
Castle Pack 710 Original Sliders, 2 small fries, and 2 small soft drinks.
Castle Pack 8A meal for the whole family with a sack of 20 Chicken Rings, a sack of fries and 10 Original Sliders.
Buy ‘Em By The SackAny 10 of your favorite Sliders in a sack.

White Castle Beverages

Soft Drink $1.59
Iced Tea (Unsweetened or Southern Sweet)Small$1.59
Shakes (Vanilla or Chocolate)Small$2.59
Apple Juice BoxSmall$0.99
Cranberry Spritzer with Sprite (Limited Time) $1.59
Hi-C OrangeGallon$3.99
Hot Chocolate $1.19
Shakes (Vanilla or Chocolate)Medium$2.99
Iced Tea (Unsweetened or Southern Sweet)Medium$1.89
Iced Tea (Unsweetened or Southern Sweet)Large$1.99
Milk or Chocolate Milk8 oz.$0.99
Water Bottle$1.39
Orange Juice10 oz.$1.39
Peach Fruit Smoothie (Limited Time)16 oz.$2.99
Iced Tea (Unsweetened or Southern Sweet)Gallon$3.99
Shakes (Vanilla or Chocolate)Large$3.99
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Limited Time)16 oz.$2.99
Soft DrinkMedium$1.89
Soft DrinkLarge$1.99
Coffee Box96 oz.$8.99
Vitamin Water or Powerade $1.99
Minute Maid$2.39

White Castle Sides

French FriesSack
Onion RingsSmall$1.89
French FriesSmall$1.59
Onion ChipsSmall$1.89
Onion RingsSack$2.79
Cheese FriesMedium$1.99
Onion ChipsMedium$2.29
Onion ChipsSack$2.79
White Castle Chicken Rings Price6 pc$2.39
French FriesMedium$1.89
Chicken Rings20 pc$6.99
Chicken Rings9 pc $3.49
Loaded Fries $2.99
Cheese SticksMedium$4.99
Cheese Sticks3 pc$2.99
Cheese Sticks10 pc$5.69
White Castle Fish Nibblers PriceSmall$2.99
Fish Nibblers5 pc$1.69
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries (Limited Time)Medium$1.99
Applesauce $0.99
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries (Limited Time)Small$1.89
Fish NibblersSack$7.99
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries (Limited Time)Sack$2.79

White Castle Dessert

Fudge-Dipped Brownie$0.99
Fudge-Dipped Cheesecake$0.99
Gooey Butter Cake$0.99

Castle Combos

Chicken Breast Slider$5.59
Double Cheese Slider$5.69
Fish Slider$5.19
Chicken Ring Slider$4.99
6 pc. Chicken Rings$4.89
The Original Slider$5.29

Castle Packs

20 Original Sliders, and 4 Small French Fries$17.99
20 Pc. Sack of Chicken Rings, 10 Original Sliders, and 1 Sack of French Fries$15.79
10 Original Sliders, 2 Small French Fries, and 2 Small Soft Drinks$12.29


Does White Castle serve breakfast all-day?

You can check out the White Castle breakfast menu on their website or at the restaurant if you’re there.

How to check the nutritional value of White Castle menu?

It could also find white Castle menu nutritional value at white castle website – https://www.nutrition-charts.com/white-castle-nutrition-facts-calorie-information/.


We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the White Castle menu. We’ll be honest, it was a lot of fun for me to do. If you have any questions about anything we didn’t cover, or if there’s something else you’d like me to write about, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading White Castle Menu!