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www.talktohannaford.com Survey – $500 Gift Card Awaits you!

Conducted by the prominent supermarket brand of America, talktohannaford is a popular customer review online survey hosted for performance and service upgradation. Hannaford is well known for its giant supermarts with absolutely hassle-free services. Starting as a small produce store about a century ago, Hannaford stands till date as a powerful competitor to other supermarkets with its promising performance. Their quality of valuing customer feedback has been taken to the next level by adapting to a newer plan with the help of technology.

Hannaford has made many changes to its services and its stores to the liking of the customers with the help of the survey results. Moreover, customers are further motivated to participate in www.talktohannaford.com survey by the company’s offer of an exclusive giveaway, a $500 gift card to a lucky participant. So let us look at the methods to participate in the survey conducted by Hannaford right now.

Hannaford Customer Feedback Survey Requirements

  • Enough knowledge of English or Spanish to understand and respond to the contents of the survey.
  • Valid Email ID and contact credentials.
  • A stable and reliable network connection.
  • A working system like a desktop or even a mobile to access the survey website: www.talktohannaford.com.
  • An authentic purchase receipt from the official Hannaford store.
  • Experience in-store during the purchase of products at Hannaford.

The information you feed to the website: www.talktohannaford.com will be protected and kept secure at all costs. The only purpose of the company here is to get original survey data. The Credentials will only be used to contact the participants if he wins the survey. As a result of this survey, this company have a chance to unlock the key areas for development. Hannaford ultimately focuses on developing the consumers’ overall experience by altering their services according to the data they collect. So it is the responsibility of every consumer to give genuine answers at Hannaford customer feedback survey.

How to Participate in the TalktoHannaford Survey Online?

  • Visit the Hannaford official site – www.talktohannaford.com.
  • Next, choose your preferred language, English or Spanish, to complete this survey.
Talk to Hannaford Survey Image
  • Enter the unique pin exclusively available in your purchase receipt from Hannaford.
  • Click on the Next tab to access the next page.
  • You will be requested to fill in the date and time of your last visit to Hannaford.
  • You will also be asked to give the transaction number in the receipt.
Hannaford customer survey image
  • Click on the Next tab.
  • You will be directed to a page with a list of questions to answer.
  • A scale with positive and negative polarities will be available to rate the questions. All questions are required to be answered genuinely.
  • After rating Hannaford according to the different questions asked, you need to submit talktohannaford survey result.
  • A page will open asking for your personal information, such as your contact details and even your Mail ID. After submitting your information, you will be directed to a page with sweepstakes.
  • Those who are not interested in the rewards can quit, and those who are interested can stay on the page.
  • A winner will be selected after a series of draws and will be notified through the information given.

Hannaford Sweepstakes

Customers can enter the sweepstake through online at  www.talktohannaford.com or offline. The Hannaford Sweepstakes starts at 10:00 AM. (EST) and ends at 11:59 PM (EST). Entries made after the Sweepstake period will turn void. Hannaford Bros & Co has been identified as the sponsor of the sweepstake. To enter into sweepstakes, customers do not need a purchase receipt. In turn, they can mail their entries through an alternate mail-in method. To mail their entries, participants should enter their complete details like name, phone number, street address, city, state, zip code, date of birth and email address in a 3″ X 5″ business envelope.

Customers should mail this envelope to “Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 456, Newark, New York 14513. Five winners will be selected and awarded through the draws. The prize cannot be transferred or substituted. Any entry error caused during the registration for sweepstakes will be the sole responsibility of the participant alone.

Hannaford Rewards

As a result of participation in www.talktohannaford.com survey sweepstakes, a lucky winner will be chosen from the draws, and he will be awarded a $500 dollar gift card. This gift card is exclusively applicable only to the products of Hannaford. The gift card can be used at any store in Hannaford located in any area where it currently has its branches. Usually, the gift card is used to minimize the expenses incurred during a purchase. So, this Hannaford my reward will come in handy anytime during the next visit to this outlet. But like any other reward, this also has its expiration date. Therefore, the gift card is required to be used before its expiry period.

Terms and Conditions of Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey NameTalktoHannaford
Survey URLwww.talktohannaford.com
Receipt Validity periodWithin 5 days of purchase
Survey coupon Validity periodNA for this survey
Rewards$500 dollar gift card
Entry limit5 per entry period

Who can take part in Hannaford Guest Survey?

  • The participant should be a legal resident of the United States of America to participate in  www.talktohannaford.com survey.
  • He / She must be a current resident of the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York or Vermont.
  • They must not be directly related to the company in its finances/staff relations.
  • Every participant must be over the age of 18.
  • Participants must have purchased a Hannaford receipt to take Hannaford guest survey.

Questionnaire of Talk To Hannaford Survey

Talk to Hannaford survey will include questions based on your personal and would take only about 10 minutes of your time

  • The survey may ask you how you came to know about www.talktohannaford.com survey.
  • Later, it will ask for the transaction and store numbers from the buy receipt.
  • It may ask what the consumer likes in a store currently and other queries related to current consumer trends
  • Questions related to Hannaford store’s ambience, staff, hospitality and the quality of facilities provided to consumers in-store.

About Hannaford Supermarket

This Supermarket Marvel of the United States has been making its mark in the whole country for over 100 years. Found by Arthur Hannaford of Maine, the supermarket chain has experienced many changes throughout its operating years. It saw a humble beginning as a simple grocery store during its origination periods. But now, it has seen tremendous growth with a reputable name in the market and a dedicated customer base. It currently has quarterly revenue of over $4 Billion, which looks incredibly impressive for a century-old supermarket. It is currently located in about 180 places all over the country. Hannaford owns famous subsidiaries like Martin’sMartin’s Foods, Mister Market and so on.

Contact Details of Hannaford Supermarket

Contact Numbe(800)213-9040
Mailing AddressHannaford Supermarkets, 145 Pleasant Hill Road, Scarborough, ME 04074
Fax number(207) 883-3722
Hannaford Hours7.00 AM to 11.00 PM
Hannaford Near Me https://www.hannaford.com/locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opening time for Hannaford?

All Hannaford stores available in the U.S will be open from 7.00 AM

What is the closing time for Hannaford?

All Hannaford stores available in the U.S will be closed on 11.00 PM

Who owns Hannaford?

Hannaford is owned by its parent organization called Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize N.V., commonly known as Ahold Delhaize. It is a Multinational company originating from the lands of the Dutch. The parent organization is listed on stock exchanges.

How many Hannaford stores are there available in the U.S currently?

Hannaford owns about 170 stores all around the United States of America and has over 26000 business associates to work with.

How to redeem my Hannaford rewards?

Your Hannaford rewards can be redeemed by validating your coupon codes. This step can be done both online and offline stores of Hannaford.

How to sign up for the Hannaford rewards program?

You can sign up for the Hannaford rewards program by participating in their official tellhannaford customer satisfaction survey. Participants will then be asked for reviews and will get awarded for them.

Where can I buy Hannaford gift cards from?

Legit and genuine Hannaford gift cards can be purchased only from the official stores of Hannaford or from its official website – https://www.hannaford.com/.

How to get extra coupons from Hannaford?

You can either buy coupons from the official store/website. In addition, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to find free printable coupons with the Hannaford products you buy. These are the only possible ways by which one can acquire extra coupons from Hannaford.

How to check Hannaford gift card balance?

To check your Hannaford gift card balance, click on https://hannaford.cashstar.com/recipient-experience/balance/


Hannaford has seen a lot of changes throughout its existence. Finding the importance of customer reviews has been identified as a key component for growth by Hannaford. This step taken by Hannaford to value customer reviews is heavily appreciable. So, participate today and get amazing rewards.