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Albertsons is one of the leading supermarket chains in the United States. Be it daily groceries or medicines, and you will find it all at Albertsons near you. And to better the whole consumer experience, they have launched an Albertsons survey. It takes around 5-7 minutes only to complete this survey. On completing this survey, you can stand a chance to win a $100 worth of gift card by entering their sweepstake. Not only does this survey enhance the way we shop, but it also helps us better understand the brand we are purchasing from.

Constructive criticism has always proven to be a great way to build and progress ahead. A feedback survey is the best way to gain honest and truthful reviews of the customers regarding their functioning. Hence this survey could not have come at a better time. So given ahead is a compilation of all the requirements, steps, rewards, and everything there is to know about Albertsons.

Prerequisites of Albertsons Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • A purchase bill is necessary to participate in the Albertsons customer satisfaction survey.
  • A laptop/ a smartphone is a must.
  • Basic Knowledge of the English language.
  • A stable internet connection to complete the Albertsons survey online without interruptions.

How to Complete Albertsons $100 Gift Card Survey

Here are the steps to be followed to participate in Albertsons $100 gift card survey.

  • Log on to the Albertsons survey website,
  • Select your preferred language
  • Enter the survey code provided in the latest receipt of your purchase
  • Enter your email ID.
  • Go ahead and complete the survey by answering all the questions based on your recent visit to this outlet.
  • After completing, you will be asked if you wish to enter the sweepstake.
  • If yes, then enter a few more personal details for identification purposes.

Albertsons Sweepstakes

A sweepstake is a form of competition that is solely based on luck. A winner is drawn at random. This outlet has announced a sweepstake, and you can enter it by completing Albertsons customer feedback survey.

To enter the sweepstake, one must complete the survey and be 18 or above 18. In addition, participants must be a resident of the United States of America. This sweepstake will be held monthly, where 5 winners will be drawn randomly. Winners will be contacted via the details they provide in the customer survey.

Albertsons Rewards

Every good work deserves a prize; hence, Albertsons, to show their gratitude to their loyal customers for completing this survey, has announced a prize worth $100 in the form of Albertsons gift cards discount. There will be 5 such winners chosen every month. Do note that the reward is subject to change at any time so kindly keep checking their website to know if there is any change in the prize. Each winner is subject to taxes on their prize. This prize can not be redeemed in the form of cash or cash rewards.

Albertsons Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Survey NameAlbertsons Customer Experience Survey
Receipt Validity Period2 weeks
Survey Coupon Validity Period6-8 weeks
RewardsAlbertson’s gift card worth $100
Survey Limit (How many surveys one can take per receipt)1 per receipt
  • The eligibility to take this survey is that one must be 18 years older or elder.
  • In addition, the said person should be a United States resident.
  • Employees, staff, and family members can not participate in Albertsons online survey.
  • Each winner will be responsible for the taxes applied.
  • As per Albertsons survey sweepstake rules, only one person per receipt is eligible to take the survey.
  • Albertsons rewards card cannot be exchanged or transferred.

What Type of Questions Do you Face in Albertsons Online Survey?

In the Albertsons customer survey, there are a variety of questions that range from multiple-choice questions to rating systems with agreeing and disagreeing to textbox feedback given in this survey which helps understand and build customer and brand relations. Here are a few examples of the type of questions that customers can face during Albertsons online survey.

  • Which of the following best describes your reason for shopping?
  • Tell us which goods or products you came to purchase. (select all that apply)
  • How satisfied are you with your overall shopping experience? (rate using the emojis provided)
  • How likely are you to recommend Albertsons to friends or family?
  • Based on your previous experience, how likely are you to shop with us again?
  • Was your shopping positive and problem-free?

You are then given an option to give feedback on one or all three aspects, i.e., employees and customer checkout, store, and products. Then, according to the option or options you choose, you will be asked to answer a specific set of questions. The questions are generally related to the kind of service provided. After completing this, you will be asked whether you are interested in participating in the sweepstake. If yes, you will be asked to fill in your age, phone number, and orientation for verification purposes. If you do not intend to, then your Albertsons survey will be finished.

About Albertsons Company

Albertsons is an American Grocery company. Joe Albertson founded it in Boise, Idaho, in 1939. In 1969, they partnered with Skkags Drug centres to open their first one-of-a-kind Food and Drugs store. In 1997, they launched a new venture, Albertson’s gas express stations. In 2006, this company was sold to an association of companies out of which Cerebus Capital Management holds the majority shares. Currently, Vivek Sakaran serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Albertsons, and Sharon McCollam is the President and Chief Finance Officer. Albertsons currently has two thousand two hundred and seventy-seven stores across the United States.

This company is very well established for its wide variety and accessibility to grocery products. Be it Dairy items, Bakery items, meat, frozen foods, seafood, snacks, and for its pharmacy. Albertsons generated 32.1 Billion US Dollars in revenue from the non-perishable segment this Fiscal year. Their stores are open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.

How to Contact Albertsons?

Contact NumberRetail store – 877-723-3929
Delivery/Pickup – 877-505-4040
Media Inquiries – 208-395-4722
Accessibility support – 877-635-4833
Headquarters Address Boise, Idaho, United States
Albertsons Hours Every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm
Support Hours 5:00 am to 10:00 pm
Albertsons Near Me LocatorTo find your nearest Albertsons store, click on: and enter your state or zip code.

Frequently Answer Questions

How come I can’t get to the Albertsons survey?

Check the validity of your receipt. If the problem persists, contact customer service.

Can I guess on Albertson’s survey receipt numbers?

No, you cannot since the details required are unique to each bill.

How to redeem Albertson’s gas rewards?

Albertsons Gas rewards can be redeemed at checkout

How to use Albertson’s gas rewards?

You can redeem Albertson’s gas rewards by entering your registered phone number before filling in fuel.

How many Albertsons gas rewards can I use at a time?

You can use up to 10 Albertsons gas rewards which are 1000 points per pump visit.

What gas stations take Albertson’s rewards?

Albertsons fuel rewards can be used at Chevron and Texaco stations or Albertsons fuel locations

Is it worth a second chance at the Albertsons sweepstakes?

Yes, a second chance is surely worth it to enter into Albertsons survey sweepstakes.

How do I know if I won the Albertsons monopoly sweepstakes?

You will be notified by email or via phone if you have won.

How do I get my Albertsons employee discount?

You can get your discount by just showing your proof of employment (employment badge/payment slip)

When is Albertson’s senior discount day?

Albertson’s senior discount day is on the first Wednesday of every month.

Who owns Albertsons?

Cerebus Management owns Albertsons.

What time does Albertsons close?

10:00 pm every day.

What time does Albertsons open?

5:00 am every day

Where is the nearest Albertsons?

You can find that using the nearest store-locater.

How many stores does Albertsons have?

They own 2,277 stores in the United States.

How to get a digital coupon at Albertsons?

You can get Albertsons digital coupons by registering for the Albertsons club.

What days do Albertsons double coupons?

Albertsons does double coupons from Sunday to Tuesday.

Does Safeway own Albertsons?

Safeway only operates as a banner of Albertsons Companies.

How to check Albertsons gift card balance?

To Check your Albertsons gift card balance, click:

How to get Albertsons Coupons?

Visit the official website: and sign in to your account. Now, click on deals to find Albertsons coupons. Add these coupons during checkout to avail amazing discounts.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, this survey is very well structured and easy to fill. It is quite a regular survey, not too long to make you drop out off mid-way. It was very interesting to ponder on questions generally overlook in a store but make a world of difference in reality.