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Get the Answers to Your BJ’s Wholesale Club Questions!

Are you a BJ’s member? If so, you may have questions about the program and its benefits. In this post, we’ll answer some of the most common BJ’s FAQs members have asked us. We hope this information helps you make the most of your membership! We want to ensure you have all the information you need to take full advantage. If you still have unanswered questions after reading BJ’s FAQs, we would be happy to help you.

About BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a discount store chain based in Westborough, Massachusetts. They offer membership-only deals and are currently mainly working on the east coast of the USA. The company was founded 38 years ago on February 6, 1984. They sell houses, sports equipment, house decor and furniture, accessories, outdoor clothes, makeup, groceries and gas stations. Their members get various membership options with discounts and the chance to pay through many modes of payment.


What does BJ’s wholesale club stand for?

Named after Beverly Jean Weich, the daughter of Mervyn Weich, the new company’s president, the name is derived from her initials.

Where is BJ’s wholesale club near me?

You can find your nearest BJ’s store using this locator

Does BJ’s wholesale club offer free shipping?

No, there is no free shipping at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Shipping costs are determined by your location as well as the shipping origin of the items you purchased.

How much is BJ’s wholesale club membership?

BJ’s membership costs $110 for one year and gives members 2% cash back on most BJ’s purchases.

How many BJ’s stores are there in the US?

Currently, the company runs 215 clubs and 135 BJ’s Gas locations across 16 states in the US.

What time does BJ’s wholesale club close?

The store closes at 9 PM from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday it remains open till 7 PM.

Does BJ’s wholesale club have a pharmacy?

Yes, like national chains, BJ’s Pharmacy offers full-service and personal attention to build trust between patients and pharmacists.

Where is BJ’s wholesale club headquarters located?

BJ’s Wholesale club headquarters is located in Westborough, Massachusetts, United States

Does BJ’s wholesale club sell car batteries?

Yes, BJ’s Wholesale club sells a variety of batteries including automotive, marine/RV, golf cart and lawn & garden batteries

What are BJ’s wholesale club gas rewards?

You will automatically receive a 10 cent discount per gallon. Log into BJ’ here to see your points or download the BJ’s app to see your points

How much back do you get on BJ’s rewards?

BJ’s Perks Rewards Members earn 2% back on most BJ’s purchases. BJ’s Perks Plus Members and BJ’s Perks Elite Members earn 3% and 5% back, respectively, on most BJ’s purchases.

How do I use my BJ’s perks Awards?

The Awards you earn can be redeemed for products and services in-club at the registers and online at in $10 increments.

Does BJ’s Wholesale Club sell liquor?

BJ’s Wholesale Club does sell beer, wine, and liquor, what’s available at your local store depends on your location.


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