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Checkers and Rally’s FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a fan of fast food, you’ve probably heard of checkers and rally’s. They know these two chains for their cheap prices and quick service. But what do you really know about them? In this checkers and rally’s FAQs post, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about checkers and rally’s. We’ll also tell you which one is better suited for your needs. So read on to learn more about Checkers and Rally’s FAQs!

About Checkers and Rally’s

The Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. chain serves hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and milkshakes. The company operates Checkers and Rally’s restaurants in 28 states and the District of Columbia. William “Bud” Anderson and Harold Mooney founded the company in 1963 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Checkers and Rally’s FAQs

Where is Checkers and Rally’s headquarters?

Tampa, Florida, United States is the checkers and rally’s headquarters.

Where are Checkers and Rally’s located?

checkers and rally’s located at 4300 West Cypress Street Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33607 United States, Tampa, fl.

What’s the difference between Rally’s and Checkers?

They used both the checkers and rally names in the Southeast and Northeast, while it used both in the Midwest and California; the two brands overlap in some regions.

How many Checkers and Rally’s locations are there in the US?

As of September 2, 2021, there are 882 Checkers and Rally’s locations in the United States. Florida has the most Checkers and Rally’s locations in the United States, with 157 sites, accounting for 17% of all Checkers and Rally’s locations in the country.

Does Checkers have a drive thru?

Checkers and Rally’s are two of the most straightforward fast food restaurants in the United States. They’ve made the most of the drive-thru concept, and their fries are legendary.

Where can I find the Rally’s restaurants?

The new company’s headquarters are in Tampa, Florida. Most locations focus on carryout, having drive-thru and walk-up windows but no interior sitting, but some historic Rally’s restaurants in the Midwest do.

How many Checkers and Rallys locations are there?

There are 560 Checkers Locations in the United States.

What states have Rallies and Checkers?

Alabama (214), Arizona (6), Arkansas (58), California (131), Connecticut (4), Delaware (15), Florida (1231), Georgia (416).

Does Texas have Checkers?

33 Checkers Locations in Texas.

What kind of meat does Rallys use?

All Checkers & Rally’s hamburgers are 100% USDA inspected pure beef with no fillers.

who owns Checkers and Rally’s?

Oak Hill Capital Partners owns the checkers and rally’s.

Who is the CEO of Checkers?

Frances Allen is the CEO of Checkers.

When did Checkers and Rally’s combine?

Checkers and Rally’s merged in August 1999.

How do I use my Checkers and Rally’s reward?

Using the Checkers and Rally mobile app or providing the cashier’s account phone number will enable you to redeem your reward on the next visit.

What is Checkers & Rally’s customer survey?

There are double drive-thru restaurants called Checkers & Rally’s in the Checkers & Rally’s chain of American restaurants. In order to improve their services, they organize this customer survey to get honest feedback from customers.

What are the benefits of the Checkers rewards program?

Checkers may offer additional benefits from time to time (hereinafter referred to as “Benefits”) in addition to earning points and Digital Coupon Rewards based on purchases, as described above. The Program may change, add, or remove benefits at any time without notice.

Why does Checkers and Rally’s have different names?

The Rally’s branding was retained in markets where Rally’s was dominant when Checkers acquired Rally’s in 1999. It is the same exact menu items and food provided by the same distributors at Checkers and Rally’s.

Does Rick Ross own Checkers?

In addition to owning over 20 Wingstop stores, Ross is a franchisee of Checkers and Rally’s restaurants, and he has partnerships with Luc Belaire and Bumbu spirits, as well as Rap Snacks and VERZUZ snacks.


Thanks for taking the time to read through our FAQs. We hope we were able to answer all of your questions and give you a better understanding of who we are and what we do here at Checkers and Rally. If not, feel free to reach out to us directly, and we’ll be happy to help. Or else check with the Checkers and Rally’s website. Thank you again for supporting Checkers and Rally’s FAQs page!