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CVS Health Survey – Chance To Win Amazing Rewards!

Do you have any health problems? Don’t worry; CVS pharmacy will take care of your health. But do you know what makes them more famous? It’s you. Your response to their feedback keeps them improving more and more. Medallia powers CVS survey. It designed its feedback survey precisely so that customers will face only those questions necessary for improvement. To start the survey, you need only one detail to fill up, i.e., a 17-digit Survey ID.

CVS pharmacy doesn’t take their customer’s responses very lightly. Every question inside the CVS-survey is crucial for enhancing their service quality. Your response brings changes.

What are the Requirements of CVS Survey?

To start the survey for extra bucks, customers need to have a CVS Health survey 17 digit survey ID printed on their white slip/bill along with other details like your expenses, helper name, and many more.Other requirements are :

  • The customer must know either English or Spanish.
  • You must know either English or Spanish (Mexican). You can switch to any language with one click on the top right “Choose Language” option.
  • You must have a good network connection so that the process will run smoothly.
  • They must safely fill the survey ID and include all the zeros. So, that total sum of digits becomes 17.

How To Join Survey?

The process of participating in the CVS Pharmacy survey is straightforward. It doesn’t require extra details to fill up infection. It requires only a Survey ID to start the survey. Here, we look at the process in a stepwise manner.

  • When leaving the CVS pharmacy, they would have given you a bill with many details and a survey ID, a 17-digit number. Don’t throw your bill. Just keep it until the completion of the cvshealthsurvey com.
  • Enter the CVS official survey website – URL and search it. You will direct to a webpage where you will see Red color CVS pharmacy at the top left corner.
CVS Customer Survey
  • Then enter the Survey ID in the required section of the webpage. Write every single digit carefully. Then click on the “Next” button to see your first question.
  • After attempting several questions, it will ask if you have extra time to answer more questions, so if you have, click on “yes”; otherwise, “no.” If you answered “yes,” you would have to answer more questions, or if you answered “no,” the will stop.
  • Few questions would be the subjective type where you may write a few words for your experience, but you can skip them.
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  • Sometimes it conducts cvs sweepstakes process to announce the winners. There you will get the opportunity to win $1000 cash prize in the form of gift card to be spent at CVS. once do check its official website for more information.

What Do I Get For Participating in CVSSurvey?

CVS pharmacy cares for their customers, and in name or reward, they offer an exciting gift card for the customer. After finishing the CVSsurvey, they will send a gift card of $1000 to your email address. It will contain a gift card number which is necessary for the confirmation of the cvs gift cards.

CVS Customer Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey NameCVS Health survey
Survey URL
Receipt validity periodValid for 3-7 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period14 Days
Rewards$1000 gift card or Cash Prize
Survey limit1 entry per survey code
  • Customers must be 18+ years old.
  • Must have a recent bill that has a Survey ID number.
  • The CVS customer survey is valid for only one customer per survey.
  • The survey ID is unique for each customer, and no one can give feedback through the same survey ID.

What Are The Questions On CVS Survey for Extra Bucks?

After filling cvs feedback survey ID and clicking on the start button, they will direct you to a new page with questions.

  • How likely are you will recommend a CVS pharmacy to your known?
  • Overall satisfaction with CVS pharmacy.
  • If you wish to upload the video to give feedback, you can upload it; otherwise, skip it.
  • If you wish to write something for a CVS pharmacy, you can write; otherwise, skip.
  • Overall feedback from the server who helped you.
  • You can write something about the server. Otherwise, skip it too.
  • If you have time, then you can answer more questions too.
  • Ability to quickly locate the item.
  • Store’s health and safety measures.
  • Time to complete the checkout.
  • Was everything you were looking for in stock? Then click on the “Next” button.
  • Did you use any extra bucks or cvs promo code when checking out?
  • were cvs survey coupon or cvs digital coupons successfully applied?

About CVS Pharmacy

It is an American retail corporation and a subsidiary of CVS Health. Its headquarters are in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Formerly, it was known as “consumer value stores” and was founded on May 8, 1963 (59 years ago). There are mainly 4 founders of CVS pharmacy Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, Ralph Hoagland, and Dipak Dave. It is widespread to 9,967 locations in 2018. Initially, it was owned by Melville Corporation, but since 1996, it has been owned by CVS Health.

David Dorman is chairman of the CVS pharmacy, and Karen S. Lynch is the CEO. It had a massive revenue of about $134.128 billion in 2018. It is the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. by number of locations. Its product includes prescription drugs, beauty products, and cosmetics.

CVS Pharmacy Customer Services

Contact Number1-800-746-7287
Mailing addressCVS Corporation
Customer Relations
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Headquarters AddressWoonsocket, Rhode Island, U.S.
CVS Pharmacy Hours8.30 AM to 7 PM, Sat-Sun: 8.30 AM to 9 PM
Support hours8 AM to 10 PM, Sat-Sun: 9 AM to 5.30 PM
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CVS Pharmacy FAQs

How to leave feedback for CVS?

Just click on the link Survey URL and then enter survey ID then click on the start button.

What time does CVS close?

CVS Pharmacy closes at around 7 PM. Although timings will varies depends upon the locations.

What time does CVS open?

CVS pharmacy opens at 8.30 AM. Although timings will varies depends upon the locations.

Who owns CVS?

It owns by CVS Health

What gift cards do CVS sell?

It sells gift cards that have a special offer for your future purchase.

How to coupon at CVS?

Carry your cvs coupons with you at the CVS store and they will scan the barcode and you will be able to enjoy the offer.

Where are the nearest CVS?

Visit to know your CVS Pharmacy near me location.

How to do a customer survey for CVS without an id?

No, there is no way to fill survey other than a survey ID.

Where is the survey id on CVS receipts?

It is just below your item numbers and a 17-digit long number.

Where can I enter the CVS survey?

You can enter the link for the survey.

How often do people win the $1000 CVS survey?

It depends on the particular survey ID but still most of them get this benefit.

Why CVS survey number not correct?

Either you have skipped any digit or you have not included zeros.

How do I do a CVS survey without an id number?

You need a Survey ID number to take an online survey. The 17-digit survey is available on your CVS invitation or receipt.

what does the CVS survey ask?

It asks about your total experience with the CVS pharmacy. They discussed all questions in the “survey questions” section.

How to manipulate mycustomer experience survey CVS pharmacy?

Once you finished, then you can’t manipulate it back, but before it, you can go back to alter your choice.

How do CVS rewards work?

You can use a $1000 gift card at any CVS pharmacy store.

How to check your CVS gift card balance?

follow the link and then enter your card number and access code.

Is the CVS survey legit?

Yes, it is designed by a CVS pharmacy.

How do I file a complaint against a CVS pharmacist?

You can mail cvs complaints to the following link and click on “complain” as the reason of email option.


CVS pharmacy is very caring for its customers. Every single response from the customer is crucial for the brand. It thinks about the solution if any of its customers feel a terrible experience. CVS pharmacy designed its survey to keep the customer engaged during the complete feedback process. In case of any trouble, customers can also call to help center for a solution.