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Checkers and Rally’s Guestobsessed Survey – Claim Free Coupons!

Checkers and Rally’s have implemented an online customer satisfaction survey through to enhance and standardize their products and service. Customers’ opinions are highly valued in the GuestObsessed Checkers Rally’s survey to improve the restaurant’s services, food, and stores. As the guest-obsessed survey is designed to get honest feedback and suggestions from the customer’s recent visit, customers can share their honest opinions and feedback. To show gratitude to customers, the company is giving away validation codes to customers. There will be monthly sweepstakes to win prizes too. Hence, this article will help customers understand the survey’s steps and rules and regulations.

Checkers Guest Obsessed Survey Requirements

  • Checkers and Rally’s recent purchase receipt with an invitation for the survey.
  • Computer, laptop or mobile device with internet access.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish to complete Checkers Guest Obsessed survey.
  • Valid email ID
  • Five to ten minutes to give to complete the survey.

How to Join & Complete www Guestobsessed com Survey Online?

  • Firstly, visit the official survey website of guest-obsessed smg survey
  • There will be a page where the customers have to choose their languages, like English and Spanish.
  • Next, customers must enter the GuestObsessed survey code printed on the receipt.
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  • Click the ‘START’ button to begin the www GuestObsessed com survey.
  • Based on the recent visit to Checkers and Rally’s, customers can share their honest feedback by answering some survey questions.
  • Fill out all the Rallys Guest Obsessed survey survey questions based on the recent visit to the store.
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  • After answering all the questions, customers will be asked to enter their contact information for the monthly sweepstake, such as name, email address, and phone number.
  • After providing all the required information, click the ‘SUBMIT’ button to conclude the Rallys survey.
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Sweepstakes for Rallys Survey

Customers are eligible to win one coupon for a three-piece order of Checkers and Rally’s new Fry-Seasoned Chicken Tenders with a prize pack in a monthly draw. Purchase is not necessary to enter the monthly sweepstake. To enter the monthly draw, customers have to follow the following instruction: Send a postcard to the restaurant’s mailing address. Include name, address, zip code, city, state, phone number, date of birth, and email address. “Please enter me in the monthly sweepstake” should be added to the postcard. Write the mail as below:
[write month/year] Mail-in entry c/o DAILY SWEEPSTAKES, c/o [name of participant], Forward the mail to the following recipient:
4300 West Cypress Street
Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33607
United States

Guest Obsessed Checkers Survey Rewards

Once the Checkers guest survey is completed, customers will be eligible to win prizes. The receipt for Checker and Rally’s recent purchase includes a validation code customers can use to get a special offer on their next visit. The customers can obtain this offer as a free sandwich offer or a voucher offering 30% off at Checkers and Rally’s. Additionally, Checkers survey free cheese champ 150 lucky customers can win a prize package along with their Fried-Seasoned Chicken Tenders when they enter the monthly draw. Entering the Guest Obsessed Checkers survey or monthly sweepstakes and following the directions listed in the Checkers restaurant survey means the customers will be eligible.

Rules for GuestObsessed Rally’s Free Sandwich Survey

Survey NameCheckers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey
Survey URL
Receipt Validity Period7 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 days after the receipt date
RewardsFree Coupon
Survey Limit1 entry per person per month
  • You must be 18 years or above to participate in Checkers free sandwich survey
  • You must know to read and write English or Spanish.
  • This www Guest Obsessed com survey is open only to US citizens.
  • Reward cannot be redeemed for cash prizes.

Expected Questions in Checkers Rally’s Survey

Customers’ overall experience will be measured based on their last visit to Checkers and Rally’s. Customers have to evaluate their recent visit experience and give Checkers feedback how likely they are to return to the restaurant and introduce it to a friend or family member. Clients should also assess their level of satisfaction in terms of service, food, personnel, cleanliness, environment, etc. A customer’s recent visit, the restaurant will ask how satisfied they are with the following:

  • The value of their experience
  • Taste of food
  • Service they receive
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Overall cleanliness of the restaurant

Customers have to provide their contact information at the end to win the prize. The primary purpose of this Checkers Rally’s survey is to assess thoughts, opinions, and feelings, customers are requested to give their honest opinion for a better environment between the workers and the customers. Answering these survey questions will expose any issues that the restaurant might not beware of and will help them to fix these issues. It will also help to improve the products and services. So the Checkers and Rally’s Customer Satisfaction survey will analyze the customer’s feedback and implement it to improve the company’s products and services.

About Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants

Checkers and Rally’s is a quick-service drive-thru fast-food chain restaurant and a carryout expert for over 30 years. At first, it started as an entirely different fast-food restaurant. Checkers was founded in 1986 by Jim Mattei and went public in 1991. Rally’s was founded in 1985 by Jim Patterson and went public in 1990. one year after the opening of Rally’s, the restaurant was managed by Burt Sugarman, a film and television producer and a major investor. It became a serious contender in the fast-food chain market. In 1996, Rally’s was bought by CKE Restaurant and sold to Checkers in 1999.

Checkers and Rally’s then merged to operate under different names in different regions where Checkers is primarily operated in the Sout-east, and Rally’s had a stronghold in the mid-west. The drive-thru fast-food restaurant chain is famous for its unique menu of burgers, hot dogs, wings and fries, and many other menus. The franchise is now headquartered in Tampa, Florida, United States.

Checkers and Rally’s Contact Info

Checkers phone number
Rally’s corporate office number
Mailing Address4300 West Cypress Street
Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33607
United States
Headquarters Address4300 West Cypress Street
Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33607
United States
Checkers & Rally’s hours10:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Support HoursSun-Thu: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri-Sat: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Checkers and Rally’s Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Checkers Rally’s close?

The Checker Rally’s generally opens at 11:00 a.m.

What time does Checkers Rally’s open?

The Checkers Rally’s generally closes at 11:00 p.m.

Where is the nearest Checkers?

Visit store locator to find the nearest checkers

What is Guest Obsessed?

Guest Obsessed is an online survey designed for Checkers and Rally’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What is the type of burger from GuestObsessed survey?

The Type of burger customer will receive as a reward in guest-obsessed survey is chicken burger.

What are the sandwiches I can get with the free coupon for the Checkers survey?

You can get any type of sandwich preferred by customers.

Checkers and Rally’s – why two different names?

Since both franchises merged in 1999, both the franchises are operated in different regions with a different names. Checkers in the South-East and Rally’s in the Mid-West.

Who owns Checkers/Rally’s?

The parent organization is Rally’s burger Inc.

How to buy Rally’s Checkers coupons?

You can find Rally’s Checkers coupons and deals in their official website

Where is Rally’s store number for survey

You can find Rally’s store number for survey below the receipt.


This is all about the Checkers customer survey. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to build up the employees’ satisfaction. So, this Checkers and Rally survey is programmed to understand the customer’s tastes and preferences better. I hope customers give their precious time to participate in the online restaurant survey and get a golden chance to win exciting prizes.