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Marcos Pizza Store Related Questions with Answers

Marcos Pizza has been a Slice of the Community TM since 1978, when it was founded in Oregon, Ohio, just outside Toledo. Their commitment to quality has helped them become one of America’s fastest-growing pizza brands, providing plenty of delicious moments and opportunities. They got here by doing things correctly because when you love pizza so much, you’ll find a way. Also if you are real fan of Marco’s Pizza and Delicacies then you have come to the right place. In this Marcos Pizza FAQs you will get to know answers to your questions related to Marcos.

About Marcos Pizza

Marcos Pizza is an Italian-American hybrid pizza chain. The brand was started by two brothers, Michael and Mario Carabetta, in Sacramento, California, in 1954. Marcos Pizza is a franchise chain with over 200 locations in 17 states. They have opened a total of 4 franchise locations in Omaha, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs. Following are the list of Marcos Pizza FAQs. Take a glance of these questions to learn more about Marcos Pizza Store Hours, Locations & their menu etc.

Marcos Pizza FAQs

When is Marcos Pizza Open?

As per regular timings. Marcos Pizza stores are open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM in most of its locations. But it is open for orders every day until 5pm until 9:00pm Sunday – until 10:00pm Friday & Saturday.

How many Marcos Pizza locations are there in the US?

Pat Giammarco, the founder of Marcos Pizza, had the vision to serve quality pizza and keep people coming back for more. It was successful! What began as a single store in the Toledo area has grown to over 1,000 locations in 34 states, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.

What is Marcos Pizza Number?

Marco’s Pizza Corporate Phone Number is +1 419-882-3300.You can also contact the team of Marco’s Pizza by using the contact form on their website. 

How much does a Marco’s Pizza franchise make?

In 2021, the top 50% of Marco’s franchised stores earned an average of $1,198,201* in sales. A more detailed breakdown of financial results can be found in our Business Model eBook or in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Can I see the menu for Marcos Pizza?

It serves a wide variety of pizzas as well as other dishes such as subs, wings, and so on. You can see its menu on its official website on your phone or laptop.

Can you customize Marco’s pizza crust?

Customers can also personalise their pizza by selecting their preferred pizza crust and toppings. The pizza crusts at Marco’s Pizza have also included options such as classic, thick, and thin pizza crusts.

Where is Marcos Pizza near me?

Search your local Marcos Pizz to call or order online on their official Store locator. Find menus, specials, and coupons from locations near by you.

Does Marcos Pizza have Gluten Free pizzas?

While there aren’t many options at Marco’s Pizza, they have a gluten-free crust for their medium-sized pizzas. The majority of their toppings and sauces are gluten-free by nature.

Where is Marcos Pizza Headquarters?

Marcos Pizza Headquarters are located in Toledo, Ohio, United States.

Why is Marco’s Pizza good?

Every day, Marco’s Pizza dough is made fresh in every store. Pizzas are topped with premium meats, fresh, never-frozen cheeses, vegetables sliced fresh in-store, and a proprietary sauce recipe that combines imported spices and three types of vine-ripened tomatoes.

Final Words

So these are some of the questions that are related to Marcos Pizza Stores. If you want to know more about these details then check our other articles on our website. This Marcos Pizza FAQs, it will help you learn about Marco’s Pizza Stores and its food ordering process. You can also get an answer to the question like the above ones.