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Roche Brothers Go Entrées Catering Menu with Price List!

Roche Bros has been a catering powerhouse for over 50 years, and their menu is one of the most popular in the country. Offering a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages, Roche Bros Catering Menu has something to please everyone in your party. But their services don’t stop at just food. They also offer event planning, equipment rental, and catering staff to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

About Roche Bros.

Roche Brothers opened their first store in 1952, selling meat and produce in Roslindale. In 1957, they expanded to include a grocery department, and they’ve been thriving ever since. Today, Roche Brothers catering handles all sorts of events, from at-home parties to business gatherings or any other special event. They have creative party planners with exquisite taste who make sure every detail is perfect, from appetizers to desserts and from casual to formal.

You can get your food delivered or picked up, and you’ll always get Roche Bros. Catering’s signature service and quality. Roche Bros is conducting a customer satisfaction survey to understand what customers think about their company, products, price and quality. Customers who complete the survey can receive a discount on their next purchase at Roche Bros.

Roche Bros Catering Menu

Roche Bros. Bar and Grill has a team of party planners who can help you make your party a success. Learn more about the menu and prices below and make the order online or via phone.

Great Beginnings

Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl10 – 20Small, $34.95
Large, $44.95
Fresh Watermelon BoatSm 10-15, Lg 20-25Small, $39.95
Large, $49.95
Sliced Fruit Platter10 – 20Small, $39.95
Large, $59.95
Crystal Cut Fruit Bowl10 – 20Small $19.95
Large $29.95


Homemade Quiche6$10.99
Breakfast Sausage 1036 pieces, $12.95
Egg & Cheese Omelet 10$21.95
Bacon1036 pieces, $12.95
Scrambled Eggs10$19.95
Breakfast Potatoes10$14.95
Maple-Infused Pancakes 10$12.95

Breads & Pastries

Fruit Bread & Danish Pastry Tray10 – 12$24.99
Muffin Assortment Tray15$24.99
Fruit Bread Tray10$24.99
Pastry & Muffin Tray10$24.99
Bagel & Cream Cheese Tray15$24.99
European Flaky Pastry Tray10$24.99

Sandwiches and Cold Cuts

Deluxe Finger Sandwich Tray10-1530 Sandwiches, $89.95
Lobster Salad-only, $129.95
Deli Sandwich Tray1012 Sandwiches, $69.95
Finger Sandwich Tray10-1530 Sandwiches, $39.95
Half Tray, $20.95
Grilled Vegetable Pita Sandwich Platter10-1530 Sandwiches, $39.95
Small Deli Sandwich Tray10-1530 Sandwiches, $44.95
Half Tray, $24.95
Roller Sandwich Tray1212 Sandwiches, $79.95
Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray10-1530 Sandwiches, $39.95
Sub Sandwich Platter24 Half-sandwiches, $79.95
Combo Deli Sandwich Tray10-1530 Sandwiches, $44.95
Half Tray, $19.95
Round Party Sub Sandwich10$44.95
Five Foot Party Sub Sandwich30Five Foot Party Sub, $89.95.
with Home Cooked Meats, $99.95.

Cold Cuts

Home Cooked Sampler Platter10 – 20Small, Serves 10, $45.95
Medium, Serves 15, $64.95
Large, Serves 20, $85.95
Dietz & Watson Selection Platter10$42.95
Good Times Platter10 – 20Small, Serves 10, $39.95
Medium, Serves 15, $59.95
Large, Serves 20, $74.95
Centerpiece Antipasto Platter20-25$69.95
North End Platter10 – 20Small, Serves 10, $39.95
Medium, Serves 15, $54.95
Large, Serves 20, $74.95
Antipasto Platter10-15$39.95
Thumann’s Selection Platter10$44.95


Classic Shrimp Platter10 – 20Full Tray, Serves 20, $69.95
Half Tray, Serves 10, $34.95
Smoked Fish PlatterMinimum of 5 Servings$24.95 per person
Colossal Shrimp Platter10 – 20Colossal Shrimp Platter, $159.95
Half Platter, $79.95
Smoked Salmon Side15-20$49.95
Nova Lox PlatterMinimum of 5 Servings1.5 Bagels per serving. $8.95 per person.

Cheese Boards and Trays

Gourmet Cheese Board10$32.99
Cheese & Fruit Platter20$49.95
Italian Cheese Board10$21.99
Lite Cheese PleaserSm: 10-12, Lg: 20-25Small, $29.95
Large, $49.95
Gourmet Goat Cheese Board10$32.99
European Cheese Classic20$54.95
Classic Cheese TraySm: 10-12, Lg: 20-25Small, $29.95
Large, $49.95
Fresh Baked Brie10$19.95
Brie & Berries10$21.95
Smoked Salmon Brunch Board10$36.99
Smoked Salmon Nosh Board10$36.99

Leafy Green Salads

Caesar Salad 8-10$29.99
Seasonal Salad8-10$32.99
Garden Salad 8-10$29.99
Steak Tip Entrée Salad 8-10$42.99
Greek Salad 8-10$29.99
Sesame Salmon Entrée Salad 8-10$42.99
Asian Chicken Salad 8-10$32.99
Sweet Pea & Chicken Cobb Salad 8-10$32.39
Southwest Chicken Salad 8-10$32.99

Fruit & Cheeses

Sliced melon Platter 10-12$29.95
Tasteful Cheese Selection 10-15$34.95
Watermelon Boat15-18$39.95
Haute Fromager Selection25-30$69.95
Fresh Fruit Bowl 12-15$39.95
Cosmopolitan Cheese Selection 45-50$89.95
Fresh Fruit Skewer Platter10-12$39.95

Deli Salads

Red Dill Potato Salad 12-15$18.99
Chickamama Salad 12-15$29.99
Cole Saw 12-15$18.99
Dill Tuna 12-15$39.99
Pesto Pasta Salad12-15$39.99
Sesame Noodle Salad 12-15$29.99
Housemade White Meat Chicken or Tarragon Chicken salads12-15$64.99
Kale and Craisins 8-10$29.99
Truffled Orzo 12-15$39.99
Farugula 8-10$34.99


Chicken Nuggets6-8 $27.99
Macaroni and Cheese12 $24.99

Side Dishes

Spicy Green Lentils8 to 10$24.99
Mashed Potato 8 to 10$19.99
Roasted Brussles Sprouts8 to 10$35.99
Butternut Squash8 to 10$19.99
Roasted Cauliflower8 to 10$35.99
Grilled Vegetable Medley 8 to 10$24.99
Curried Cauliflower 8 to 10$35.99
Thyme Roasted Carrots8 to 10$24.99
Potato Au Gratin Towers8$24.99
Roasted Squash & Spinach 8 to 10$24.99
White Wine Risotto 8 to 10$29.99
Roasted Sweet Potato 8 to 10$24.99
Spanish Rice 8 to 10$29.99
Macaroni & Cheese 8 to 10$24.99
Green Beans 8 to 10$24.99
Cranberry & Pecan Wild Rice 8 to 10$24.99
Roasted Asparagus8 to 10$29.99
Rice Pilaf 8 to 10$24.99
Roasted Fingerlings 8 to 10$24.99

Main Dishes

Apricot Glazed Turkey6-8$59.99
Pilgrim Turkey Meatloaf8-10$44.99
Bourbon Steak Tips 8-10$75.99
Grilled Boneless Caesar or Lemon Chicken Breast 8-10$47.99
Salmon Teriyaki8-10$79.99
Plain or Herb Roasted Bell & Evans Chicken 8$21.99
Chicken Cutlets8$49.99
St Louis Ribs6-8$49.99
Eggplant Parmesan8-10$49.99
Brothers Pulled Pork8-10$49.99
Chicken Parmesan 8$65.99
Veal Ossobucco 8$89.99
Brothers Meatballs 8-10$44.99
Vegan Chili With Quinoa8-10$55.99
Brothers Lasagna10-12$55.99


Italian Pastry Tray10$29.99
Mini European Pastry Platter10-20Small, $34.99
Large, $49.99
Deluxe Pastry Tray10$24.99
Brownie and Cookie Platter20-25$49.99
Kids Brownie & Cookie Platter20$22.99
Mini Coconut Macaroon Platter (Seasonal)15$14.99
Home Baked Cookie Tray10$19.99
Tuxedo Truffle Mousse European Bar Cake12$29.99
Cannoli Chip Platter8-10$24.99
Strawberry Shortcake European Bar Cake12$29.99
Chocolate Fudge European Bar Cake12$29.99
White Chocolate, Raspberry European Bar Cake12$29.99
½ Sheet Strawberry Cream Cake48$79.99
Roasted Maple Butternut Squash10$24.95
Tiramisu European Bar Cake12$29.99
Special Occasion CakesVariesQuarter-Sheet, Serves 12-18, $19.99
Half-Sheet, Serves 30-50, $31.99
Full-Sheet, Serves 50-70, $48.99

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Store Is Roche Bros?

A chain of supermarkets owned by Roche Bros, along with Sudbury Farms, operates in the Sudbury area.

How Do I Order Food From Roche Bros?

You can order food from Roche Bros through or go to: to order catering.

Who owns Roche Bros?

Roche bros supermarket is owned by Rick and Ed Roche.


Thank you for reading our post on Roche Bros Catering Menu. The next time you plan a party or special event, keep Roche Bros in mind for delicious and affordable catering options. Visit our website to learn more about what Roche Bros has to offer. We know you’ll be happy you did!