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Tell AMC Feedback Acquire a $100 Worth of Gift Card!

AMC stands for American Multi-Cinema Inc. Established in 1920 by the Dubinsky Brothers, the AMC Theatre is known to be the first multiplex theatre in the world. Since then, AMC Theatres have seen glorious days of revenue, and now, they are involved in improving their service through their survey. The sole purpose of the AMC Guest Feedback Survey is to know about the performance of their services and what their customers like and dislike about their theatres. This information can be used to further improve their services according to what their customers prefer for a better cinema experience. AMC considers that you have spent some valuable time taking their survey questionnaire, giving you a chance to win an AMC Gift Card worth $100. Read on to know more!

All About TellAMC Survey Necessities

The following are the simple requirements to take the online TellAMC survey:

  • A computer or a smartphone with a good internet connection.
  • The receipt from your latest visit to the theatre.
  • An active mobile number and email ID.

Steps to Participate in Survey

In order to participate in the survey, you have to visit the AMC survey website and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Take reference from your receipt and enter the survey number along with the date and time.
  • Click on the “START” button to enter the TellAMC com survey now.
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  • You will face several questions about your experience during your latest visit to the AMC Theatres.
  • Then, you need to honestly answer how satisfied you are with their services.
  • Following this, you will face a few more questions about the speed of services, staff behavior, and ambiance management of the AMC Theatres.
  • After answering all the questions according to your satisfaction level, you need to enter your contact details like email ID and mobile number, which will lead you to the end of the survey.
  • The last page shows you that you have been entered into their monthly sweepstake with the $100 AMC gift card as the bumper prize.
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How to Enter AMC Sweepstakes Without Receipt?

In 2017, “The Walking Dead” completed 100 episodes, and as a promotion event, they announced the AMC walking dead sweepstakes keeping the tickets to The Walking Dead Premium show as the bumper prize. Similarly, sweepstakes are promotional stunts done by companies to draw more customers. AMC Theatres started a new series of sweepstakes as the chance to win a $100 AMC Gift Card by taking their online survey. Apart from the online method, you can enter their sweepstakes directly without any purchase by mail in the following steps:

  • Grab a postcard and print your full name and street address without the PO box number, city, state, zip code, active phone number, date of birth, and email ID in your handwriting.
  • The postcard must be handwritten and not digitally printed or photocopied to be considered a valid entry for the sweepstakes. Mail this postcard to American Multi-Cinema, 11500 Ash Street, Leawood, KS 66211, Attn: Guest Services.

AMC Rewards

As a reward for taking time from your busy schedule to take the survey, you receive an assured entry into the AMC Theatres Sweepstakes and a chance to win an AMC Theatres rewards gift card worth $100 every month. This gift card cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred as real money to your bank account. The AMC gift card promo code is usable only at the AMC Theatres or on their online app.

One individual can win one gift card in a month, and the expiry date of the available balance is 270 days from the issue date. It can be used till the AMC gift card balance becomes zero on the card or the expiry date, whichever happens first. Such an amazing chance to win gift card and watch the next movie at AMC almost for free just by taking a survey! You get access to amazing AMC Theatres online offers like AMC coupons to redeem free popcorn in AMC Theatres, even if you don’t win the grand prize of a $100 Gift Card. So, don’t worry – your time won’t go wasted.

Eligibilities for Tell AMC Survey

Survey NameAMC Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL
Receipt Validity PeriodNo time in particular. It should have a survey invitation printed on it to be valid.
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 days
RewardsAMC $100 Gift Card
Survey LimitOne per receipt
  • The participant must be a legal resident of the USA.
  • The age of the participant must be 13 years or above.
  • participant does not need any recent purchase for taking part in the Tell AMC survey.
  • A participant can take the TellAMC survey one time only.
  • Employees of TellAMC and their family members are not allowed to participate in this survey.
  • Entries do not be carried forwarded to next month.
  • Each participant is allowed to enter the sweepstakes only one time.

AMC feedback survey questions

After successfully entering the survey using your latest receipt from AMC, the survey questions will appear on your screen. The following are the type of questions you might face in the AMC feedback survey:

  • The first question will be if you are overall satisfied with AMC services, followed by the time of the show you attended.
  • Then you are asked if you are an AMC Stubs member, if you used the restroom and if you faced any problem during the visit.
  • After that, you will be asked questions about the experience satisfaction, like sound quality, cleanliness, state of repair, onscreen presentation, and the temperature of the auditorium.
  • Then there would be questions about the friendliness of the cashier and the ticket-taker, along with how silent were other guests and the movie you watched.
  • The overall picture quality and speed of purchasing the ticket.
  • If the restroom is clean and hygiene maintained.
  • After that, you would be asked if you would recommend AMC theatres and come back to watch a movie in the next 3 months.
  • You are asked if you have an AMC Stubs card and if the cashier made you aware of its benefits.
  • How many people were at your party and how much money did you spend on food and drinks.
  • Did their associate encourage you to give high ratings on the survey?

After this, you reach the final page, where you will be asked to enter your contact details like email ID, mobile number, and address, along with your gender. This information is required to enter you in their monthly sweepstakes.

Contact AMC Theatres

Contact Number(913) 213-2000
Customer Services: 877-262-4450
Mailing AddressAmerican Multi-Cinema, 11500 Ash Street, Leawood, KS 66211, Attn: Guest Services
Headquarters Address11 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001, United States
Working HoursTheatres are open 24/7
Support Hours8:00 AM to midnight CST, 7 days a week
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How to use AMC Rewards?

AMC gift cards and coupons can be used through their online app to book movie tickets and buy food and drinks in their theatres.

Who owns AMC?

Currently, a Chinese conglomerate, Wanda Group, has acquired the AMC Theatres. Wanda Group owns them now.

Where can I use an AMC Gift Card?

An AMC gift card can only be redeemed and used at the AMC Theatres or through their online app to buy movie tickets, food, or drinks inside the theatres.

How much is AMC Premiere?

The monthly AMC premiere costs $4.99, making it $59.99 per year. But AMC gives you a yearly deal of buying premieres at only $15.

What time does AMC Open?

The first show usually starts at 9 AM at the AMC Theatres.

What time does AMC Close?

AMC Theatres have shows till as late as 2 AM and, therefore, remain open 24/7. Due to COVID restrictions, currently, the 2 AM shows have been dismissed.

Where to buy AMC Gift Cards?

AMC gift cards can be purchased directly from the theatres or in their online app. Walmart also keeps AMC gift cards.

Where is the nearest AMC Theatre?

You can enter your zip code in their locator website to find out the nearest theatre to your address.

Where are AMC Theaters?

AMC Theatres have branches all over U.S.A. and Canada.

What is the AMC Survey Number?

The survey number is the 9-digit number printed as “survey#” on your AMC ticket with the survey invitation.

What does an AMC Survey Do?

The AMC survey collects customer reviews and feedback to get an idea about how well their services are run by the local employees and if they need improvements.

Why did I not receive a Validation Code after Doing the AMC Survey?

You do not get a validation code to redeem online offers if you have already won an offer within a month. Furthermore, if sweepstakes are going on, you will automatically be entered into one after you fill out a survey.

Why did I not Receive Free Popcorn on Survey for AMC?

You do not get any offer if you have once won an offer code within the duration of a month.

What is AMC Sweepstakes?

AMC sweepstakes are a type of promotional event to lure more customers to their platform by holding a lucky draw and giving out free prizes.

Why is the AMC Sweepstakes Closed Today?

The AMC sweepstakes are closed for entries once the entry time is over for a certain month. It will open shortly after the winner for the recent sweepstake is announced.


Participating in the AMC customer feedback survey is a win-win situation for both the customers and the company. You get a golden chance to convey your honest opinions about AMC services and get a chance to win an AMC rewards card, in turn. Furthermore, you get an AMC discount code in your online app as a reward for participating in the survey. Do not miss this AMC surprise opportunity to win a Gift Card worth $100 and take the survey now!